Does your business have the right technology for the ‘new normal’?

As lockdown guidelines continue to ease and businesses enter this new phase of working, it begs the question, do they have the right technology to enable them to work effectively from anywhere?

It became apparent, during the months of remote working, that many businesses unfortunately had outdated technology. Not having the right technology caused a lot of frustration, but has also resulted in many SMEs being disconnected from their own team members as well as their customers and suppliers.

Whatever the ‘new normal’ looks like for your business, it’s essential that you have a communications solution that keeps you connected both internally and externally. Whether that means having a full workforce in the office or a skeleton staff, a fully remote workforce or perhaps a combination of these, it’s important for your teams to be able to work from any location.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re in, it’s crucial that you have the right technology and are able to make and take calls from anywhere. Plus, you should be able to seamlessly transfer calls between departments as well as listen to call recordings at the touch of a button. Ultimately, you need a phone system that works at home, in the office and on the road.

There are many solutions available, allowing businesses to upgrade their communications to fit into the new normal. We recommend three solutions that suit budgets of all sizes and keep your business connected through the right technology from anywhere.

Get set up with a cloud phone system

Buzz surrounding the cloud has increased since BT first announced the demise of ISDN lines, resulting in traditional phone systems being switched off as of 2025. With this in mind, as well as the progression into a largely digital world, it’s recommended to consider a cloud phone system for your business.

Offering plug and play handsets, cloud phone systems are accessible from anywhere and from more devices than just a desk phone. For example, your computer can be used as a softphone on the go.

With no need for additional hardware or cabling, cloud phone systems offer a truly futureproof setup. Handsets can be plugged in anywhere with a WiFi connection, making them perfect for remote workers as they will be able to make, take and transfer calls as though they were in the office. Team members will be able to update their presence at the touch of a button, informing their colleagues of when they’re available to take calls and when they are not – essential to avoid leaving customers on hold.

While cloud phone systems showcase futureproof features, the more traditional features aren’t lost. Not only can you seamlessly integrate your phone system with your CRM system, but you will be able to access your call recording and call reporting, essential for monitoring your teams progress, wherever they’re working from.

Utilise video conferencing

It’s inevitable that you will have been in a number of video conferences during lockdown and it’s fair to say that this form of communication is here to stay as we enter the ‘new normal’. While video calls are effective for team catch ups, company meetings and virtual social gatherings, they’re fast becoming the preferred method of external communication for many businesses.

With physical meetings still few and far between for the most part, emails and phone calls don’t always cut it when it comes to existing and potential customers. Video conferences offer a much more engaging conversation, with participants able to see you face-to-face, share your screen and record the meeting.

Plus, video conferencing can be utilised from anywhere. We have all become accustomed to the odd video call blunder where someone’s dog barks in the background or their doorbell rings, but that’s not to say that video conferencing won’t continue to be utilised from anywhere, thanks to the variety of video conferencing platforms available. While some video conferencing platforms need to be downloaded, others can be accessed simply from a browser. Plus, you no longer need a video conferencing suite, as you can access a video call from your desk phone, mobile or laptop.

Don’t forget business mobiles

Business mobiles offer a great option for team members who are constantly on the go. Acting as an extension of your business phone, mobiles seamlessly pair with your desk phone to ensure that your team members have access to their phone system at all times.

To ensure no calls, and potential sales are missed, staff members can twin their business mobile with their desk phone. This means that should they need to leave the office, or their house while on a call, they can seamlessly transfer the call to their mobile and continue with the conversation. Plus, staff can update their presence from their mobile, as well as utilising the instant messenger function to keep in touch with their colleagues.

If you would like to learn more about the communications technology you need for the ‘new normal’, contact the Network Telecom team today. They’re currently offering three months free on all new cloud phone systems and free access to Enreach Meetings, a premium video conferencing platform. The team is available on or 0333 3603 899.