Top online business approaches to making money during COVID

It goes without saying that you are currently living in uncertain times. Just look at what all have transpired in the last couple of decades.

The economy took a turn for the worse, the United States got its first president of colour, and now a viral pandemic is sweeping throughout the entire nation that is changing the face of business, sports, entertainment, and everything that people used to hold dear. If you are like most people, you probably don’t have anything but time on your hands these days. You’re likely out of work just sitting at home waiting on your boss to call you and tell you to come back into the office. It can be difficult to make money during COVID.

In fact, if you aren’t careful, it won’t be long before you don’t have any savings left because there is a good that those unemployment checks aren’t fully replacing what you were making weekly. This is why it is best to supplement your income when and where you can. If there is one thing that is certain in today’s time, it is the Internet. The Internet is still more powerful and resourceful as it has ever been, despite this recent set back with the pandemic. This is why it only makes sense to start an online business that will make you money during this time of COVID. What business do you start with all the already established ones?

A profitable blog

When you really sit down and think about it, starting an online business means that you are likely selling one of three things. You are either selling your time, your own products, or the products of some other established retailer or manufacturer. Believe it or not, this is exactly where a blog can come in handy. How, you might ask? Well, a blog gives you the power to sell all these things at once. And, you can do it all from one website. Just take high-end SEO, for instance. Online businesses want to be recognized these days. And, the best way for them to be recognized is by appearing first in the search engine rankings. If you know how to make this happen, you can sell your time giving advice to individuals and businesses as to how they can increase their ranking and online visibility.

Once you start to get traffic, you can add a few digital resources and sell them to your e-mail list. For there, you can even join affiliate programs and offer the services and products of other individuals. Boom, you are selling your time, your own products, and the products of someone else right from one website. It might be an idea that’ll take time and building, but you are still making money every step.

Online courses and coaching

Sharing information online has now become easier than it has ever been before. Just take social media and blogs. People share tons of information every second of the day through these two online services. Well, do you have a skill that you are particularly good at that others could benefit from? Do you have knowledge in a certain area that others would like to learn about as well? The Internet has not only made it easy to share information, but it’s made it easy to share information in an academic approach.

For instance, use your slots knowledge to teach people how to better their chances of winning online. Online gambling is huge right now. People have more time than ever on their hands and with land-based casinos shut down during COVID, there is only one place to gamble and win money. That is online! Use your knowledge and advanced insight to help people become better gamblers.

A website for dropshipping or eCommerce

Given this pandemic, more and more people are turning to online retail. Not only this, but a lot of businesses are converting to the online sector, which means they are going to need established affiliates to help move their products. That could be you, and the best part is you’ll be acting as the retailer. You’ll virtually already be using an established name, selling established products, and not worrying about the need to handle any shipping. You’ll basically just be acting as a retailer, posting and selling wholesale products online, all the while just seeing the shipping information to the wholesaler for them to handle and clear the orders.