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Money back coupons – What you need to know

The online sports gambling industry has never been as competitive as it is today with several established high street bookmakers forced to battle it out with start-up and online only firms. There’s no loyalty amongst bettors who are always on the lookout for the best odds, standout customer service and market leading promotions.

That’s why modern sports backers have access to plenty of eye-catching promotions and special offers, including free bets, cash back, extra places each-way, enhanced odds and online betting money back offers.

money back offersIn their rush to keep up with the competition many bookies simply copy the best deals out there, following the lead of their rivals but every now and again there’s a new idea that sends shockwaves through the industry and has players falling over themselves to try it out.

The marketing behind the promotion

The money back coupon in sports betting falls into that category and it’s certainly no fad as the style of betting continues to grow in popularity. In this article we take a closer look at how the money back coupon system works in betting, the important terms and conditions attached, how it’s used as well as the benefits and downsides.

Before getting into the thick of the promotion it’s worth explaining the money back marketing and why some bookmakers offer this promotion. Firms understand the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace, catching the eye of customers, and convincing them to choose one betting site over another. They also know sports betting multiples, including football accumulators, are amongst the most popular types of bets in the UK.

Money back coupons offer bettors an incentive to gamble at a certain betting app as they know there’s a chance, they could get their cash back if the wager doesn’t go according to plan. If one firm offers money back coupons and one doesn’t it’s fairly obvious which the gambler is going to place their bets with every time.

How the money back coupon works

We now understand the logic of free bets by brands but it’s now time to investigate why the money back coupons have proven to be so popular. If you place a football accumulator with five teams, for example, with a brand not offering the money back promotion all selections must win for the bet to be settled and paid out for a profit. That’s the traditional way to gamble on sports accumulators but the money back promotion offers a safety net.

If you place the same five-team football accumulator with a leading betting site which runs the money back coupon promo then you’ll receive your stake back if your bet loses by just one selection. The agony of going close but missing out is a thing of the past. If four teams win and one draws your bet will be settled as a loser, but your stake will be repaid back to your account.

As with all betting promotions there are terms and conditions you should be aware of and reading the small print is essential. This will ensure you have a full and proper understanding of how the offer works and how you can best use it to your advantage. Below are some of the T&Cs attached to the money back coupon with all bookmakers:

  • Your bet must have at least four selections
  • Minimum odds apply to each pick or the bet as a whole
  • A minimum and maximum stake is in place
  • Cash back may be paid in free bet tokens
  • Only certain leagues and competitions apply

How to place a money back coupon

Taking advantage of the money back betting coupon is very easy to do. Simply register with a bookmaker offering this deal and add four or more sportsbook selections to your bet slip. Then add your stake into the accumulator field and click to confirm.

Below are some positives and negatives associated with the special offer:

  • Allows you to target bigger prices with a safety net
  • Will receive your money back to have another bet if you go close
  • Available to both new and old customers
  • Cash back may be paid in free bet tokens
  • Certain leagues don’t apply