What to do after a traffic accident

Traffic is getting busier. On the bicycle, in the car and on the scooter. The risk of accidents with personal injury increases, also for you as an entrepreneur.

In this article you read what to do if you as a businessman gets into a traffic accident and in particular what to do you if you have been hit by bicycle or have a whiplash from a car accident during commuting.

Personal injury after a traffic accident

If you have been injured in traffic and you suffer damage as a result, then this is called personal injury. It consists of costs that you incur, but also of loss of income after incapacity for work or costs for care and nursing. In addition to material personal injury, smart money is also part of your personal injury compensation. Smart money cannot be valued against money and is a compensation for pain, sorrow and psychological damage suffered as a result of an accident in traffic.

Collision as a cyclist

Have you been hit as a cyclist (Dutch: fietser aangereden) by  a car, motorcycle or scooter? Then you are always entitled to personal injury compensation. This is based on the 1994 Road Traffic Act. Under this Act, cyclists and pedestrians are protected because they are “weak” road users. After all, the risk of serious injury is much higher if you are hit as a cyclist than if you are in the car. Under the Road Traffic Act, you are always entitled to compensation of at least 50% of your personal injury. If the driver of the motor vehicle is guilty, your full compensation obviously must be paid. Do you commit a traffic error as a cyclist? Then you can also be reimbursed 100% of your personal injury in case of serious injuries.

Whiplash after traffic accident

A head-tail collision often causes neck complaints: this is called a whiplash. Whiplash happens when your head strikes forward, causing injury. Symptoms of a whiplash include neck complaints, headache complaints, shoulder complaints and concentration problems. In most cases, a whiplash passes by itself. However, whiplash symptoms can last for a long time, up to 2 years! If the whiplash complaints do not disappear after 2 years, then we speak of a chronic whiplash. Various treatments for whiplash injuries are possible. Most people are treated by a physiotherapist. If this treatment does not help, a rehabilitation process is often the most indicated treatment. As a result of a whiplash injury can occur, this concerns medical costs, but sometimes also disability. You are also always entitled to grief compensation.

The problem with whiplash complaints is that it is not a visible injury. Insurers often deny that there is a whiplash. It is therefore very important that you get medical treatment right after the accident and mention to the doctor about the whiplash. Ask the doctor to write down the complaints.