Why your brick and mortar business should have same day delivery

Business must go on even in times of crisis. Which means that the ones most able to adapt are the ones that survive. During the recent pandemic people haven’t stopped buying things. It’s just the way they shop has changed as they wish to stay home and not risk getting sick.

From ordering food to be delivered rather than eating out, to buying all their household needs, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way traditional businesses operate. Luckily, technology has enabled many businesses to adapt and that includes brick and mortar stores.

You can, and should, offer same day delivery for your products to be able to compete. Sure, you won’t be able to compete with Amazon, but if your business provides something locally that Amazon can’t, then you can still survive this crisis.

In this article, I will go over several things to keep in mind when it comes your brick and mortar business to have same day delivery.

You don’t need a fleet

The biggest thing holding many businesses back when it comes to offering delivery of their product is the cost of keeping a fleet of delivery trucks. Well, that is not really needed these days as there are companies that offer a Courier Service to pick up and deliver when an order comes in.

All of the logistics is covered by the courier so you don’t have to take this on yourself. If you decide to offer same day delivery and take care of yourself, it can be very disruptive for a while until things smooth out. Which may be the game plan, but in the meantime, to at least see if this is a necessary service, then you can test it out by offering same day delivery but use a third party to do it for you.

It’s safer

Many people are still looking to shop and buy the things they need, yet don’t feel comfortable being out in public. Which is why it is vital to have the option for people to shop your store online and have things delivered. Same day delivery will be a game changer for your business as people will not want to wait for delivery of something they could buy the same day if they went in person.

This reduces the risk of spreading the virus to your customers or your employees. And at the same time without losing business since you are providing options for your customers.

You can increase storage

When you offer delivery you are able to use a separate warehouse or storage system for your products since you don’t need to have shelves stocked for customers to browse. This can increase your storage and allow you to buy in bulk which gives you better prices.

And these factors adding to your ability to deliver will set you apart from the competition. Sure, it will take some time to figure out how to best make it work, but once things are in motion, it is easy to see where the changes need to happen to improve the experience.