Top 5 ideas for decorating your office

For many people the office can become their second home, due to the amount of time they spend there. However, even if it is the workplace, it can become a welcoming place if its elements are composed in such a way that a fresh, organized and meaningful atmosphere is consolidated.

Currently, interior designs have been migrating towards more minimalist, meaningful decorations that have a positive impact on the psyche of the people who are concentrated in that space. Decorations, especially those of work spaces, do not only respond to the aesthetic fact of the matter, but now they involve each element, more than for the beauty, for the psychological contributions, depending on the objectives of the company.

For a more natural touch, Oak internal doors can be added to your office decor. The warm wood tones create a welcoming atmosphere and can complement the minimalist style of the furniture and mosaics. Plus, the natural texture of the wood adds an organic element to the space, making it feel more grounded and calming.Decorating your office can have a positive effect on the people working there.

Know the 5 most significant ideas to decorating your office

Freeing up space from visual burdens

Metal files, metal shelves, piles of folders, are elements that must disappear from the space, or at least, in the case of files and shelves, change their color and space, in case they cannot be removed from the office. Everything around the desks and in sight of the employees must be kept organized and tidy, better if they form a synchrony of colors that cause welfare. Objects that serve to organize sheets, pens, play a strategic role, to free up space and provide a sense of organization.

Colours in space

The tones and colors that are part of modern offices are usually well thought out and established according to the precepts of color psychology. In the waiting areas, the colour blue should be one of the protagonists of the place, it is recommended because the blue tones generate calm and relaxation. Cobalt blue, light blue, admiral can become the color of furniture and sofas, while on the walls, light tones or white.

In the office areas, the orange shades are in a place of honor in modern offices, besides being a trend color in 2020, this transmits optimism, and combined with white, positions a positive image towards the value of products or services offered by the company. And in the meeting rooms, the color red, in details, in the carpet, for example, is perfect, since this color cannot be absent in spaces where the leader gives guidelines in general. Red is associated with feelings of authority, power and strength, but of course, it cannot clutter up the decor or the space, it can only be in the most important details.

Style of furniture

This is where the minimalist style becomes more important. The furniture is what imposes the order in the space. We recommend furniture with simple and straight lines, vertical and horizontal wooden shelves, glued to the wall, with everything they carry in an organized and clean way. Small plants can be placed near the windows, and the small tables should wait in corners, next to the sofas. On the small tables, minimum decorative elements of natural textures.

Mosaics should never be missing

Mosaics give life to modern decorations, provide a sense of status and elegance, important. L’Antic’s wood and metal mosaics, decorate any wall in the office. There is a variety of mosaics that can be part of every place in an office, without loading the space, but it depends on the style of decoration and the objectives you want to achieve with the staff.

Choose wooden floors

Ideally, in a decorating style where you want to eliminate loads, wood floors are the best choice for your office. It has a natural texture that creates the feeling of being in a clean, spacious and pleasant space. In addition to the purity that emerges and the support of warm or air-conditioned rooms.