What makes Paolo Aliatis tick?

As with most entrepreneurs, what makes Paolo Aliatis tick is the fear of normality and mediocrity, the fear of being someone that follows the masses, that is dependent on government bankrupt retirement plans or employers that won’t need him anymore once he has reached a certain age of obsolescence. 

Taking the fear of potential failure out of the way, that kind of fear has been the motivating factor for Paolo Aliatis to look forward and to assure that that those things are not going to happen to him. That one major fear has made him overcome other smaller fears and there are particular actions in different circumstances he has had to make to overcome risks and achieve a greater good.

The other factor has been the love of the game and the love of getting in trouble, the curiosity of seeing what is on the other side of the hill. Aliatis cannot imagine a life without the uncertainty that business gives you, it keeps you alive and it keeps you on your toes. He cannot imagine a life where for the next 30 years’ he would have a 9-5 job in some office, taking public transport to complete a certain task for somebody else, therefore, the need for adventure and risk-taking is what drives every entrepreneur.

This does not mean that there is something wrong with having a 9-5 job and normal life, it is just not for Paolo. That entrepreneurial energy is the same energy that pushed and continues to push him to jump into all kinds of different business ventures and deal with levels of stress and complexity that would be way too much for the average person to handle.

On the other hand, Paolo Aliatis has always loved a good challenge and there is nothing more exciting for him than that. Whether it is a football game or jumping off a cliff, he has always loved to be challenged and raced to it. Under the mentality of “If someone else can do it, why couldn’t I do it myself?” he has always figured out that most things in life are possible if you commit to what you are doing and getting there.

It is very important to understand that money (and success) can be a huge motivator in the beginning but once you have achieved a certain level of financial freedom, you need to figure out a new source of energy. Sometimes it could be your team, other times it could be your competitors and the challenges that come your way or it could simply be looking up to people that have climbed the highest mountains in the business world to see what awaits on the other side.

Nevertheless, like any other human being, Aliatis will think of all the things other entrepreneurs think of and the love of God, family, friends and this very Earth will always be in the forefront and that explains why he does things the way he does.