Four reasons why Swanage Bay is the perfect team building venue

Team building is something many employees look forward to each year. It marks a time when they can take a break from work, get to know their colleagues and build a stronger relationship with them to increase productivity.

To shake things up a bit, why not take your team building activities to Swanage? In fact, Swanage Bay is seeing more and more companies choose it as the venue for taking their team to a fun-filled vacation.

1. Soaking up that Vitamin-D

There are plenty of good reasons why companies should consider Swanage Bay as the location for their next team building trip. Not the least of which is the health benefits of hitting the beach. It’s common knowledge that a little bit of sunshine is good for the body and for lifting the spirits.

2. The beach helps relieve stress

How many times have you found yourself hoping to go to the beach after a stressful day at work? People are naturally drawn to beaches when they find themselves needing some much-needed break. There’s even scientific evidence to back this up. Sun exposure increases serotonin levels in the body, the feel-good chemical that fights stress. Team building at the beach isn’t only fun, but all of the team members also get a chance to unwind, relax, and bring peace in their minds.

3. Enjoy plenty of exciting activities

Choosing the beach as your next team building venue opens up many opportunities for exciting games and activities. Playing games on the beach instead of the confines of a conference room is simply more fun. How about some good, old-fashioned fun like beach volleyball, sandcastle building competitions and tug of war? And if you’re feeling adventurous you can arrange to take your team out on the water for some kayaking or sailing.

4. Get some good shuteye

It’s fascinating when you think about how you seem to drag yourself out of bed during a workday, but you don’t seem to have any problems getting up as soon as you open your eyes when on vacation. After a long day of team-building exercises at the beach, there are plenty of ways to wind down in town, from good pubs and bars, and you’re spoilt for choice for places to stay the night for you all to get your beauty sleep.

According to Swanage News, UK companies are increasing their spending on team building to offer the best possible experience for their employees. They understand the rewards of a fun vacation, and that’s precisely what team members can have at Swanage Bay.