4 tips for moving into a new office space

Moving into a new office space can present a lot of exciting opportunities. You get to design your new space how you want and promote efficiency and productivity. Plus, you’ll get the chance to attract new clients and staff. 

But despite all the benefits that moving office can offer your company, the process can be stressful if you don’t approach it with a plan.

Regardless of your company’s size, relocating a commercial office takes a lot of work and planning.

Here are four tips you can implement to make your office’s relocation go as smoothly as possible.

1. Start planning early

Planning the relocation of your entire company should not take place a couple of days before moving office. Ideally, it would be best if you began months in advance. Early planning lets you assign specific roles to everyone involved and determine when each step of the moving process needs completion.

Establish a budget and ensure that your company will have the necessary funds to complete your relocation successfully.

You should get blueprints of your new space and start planning the set-up of your furniture.

In the initial planning stages, you should start researching moving companies to assist with your relocation. Recruiting the right moving company is an essential part of planning your company’s relocation.

Choose a company like Burnett’s Moving Services that completes every part of the relocation process like garbage disposal, moving labor, and handyman work. This way, you have an incomplete moving job on your hands.

2. Understand your building’s relocation rules

If your business doesn’t own the buildings you’re moving into or out of, you will need to understand their relocation rules.

Some buildings require you to put in a special request to use the service elevator. Others will only let you move during non-business hours.

Get a handle on all the rules and regulations early on. This way, you can have the logistics sorted before your company’s big day arrives.

3. Have everyone pack up their desk

While a moving company can help you with big items, you should have your employees pack up their desks. This way, you can minimize the chances of things getting misplaced.

Encourage your employees to start packing up their items in small groups to prevent a bunch of people scrambling around last-minute.

Right before moving day, you should give your employees a couple of hours off to finalize their arrangements.

Relocating technology is a whole other battle. When possible, avoid outsourcing this task to a moving company. Assign your IT department to pack up your phones, servers, and computers to ensure they make it to their new home unscathed.

4. Plan storage accordingly

Often, companies move into a new office space to accommodate a growing number of employees and clients.

In some cases, you may need to downsize your office. Downsizing can save your business a lot of money on rent and utilities. Plus, you can foster better collaboration with a smaller team without unnecessary distance getting in the way.

If your company is relocating to a smaller space, you need to plan storage accordingly. You don’t want your new office to become overcrowded with unnecessary furniture. Sell or donate items when possible. For the things that you want to keep, find a secure self-storage facility.

The takeaway

When the time comes, moving will benefit your company greatly. However, no one enjoys the process itself. Once you and your employees have settled into your new space, express your gratitude and excitement for the future. Host a small luncheon or serve snacks and dessert to show that you are thankful for their cooperation during your business’s relocation.