Can digital currencies alter global financial systems?

Digital currencies are becoming more and more popular day by day. In some countries, cryptocurrencies are going to be the mainstream of financial transactions.

According to a report by Statista, there are more than 1400 ATMs which disperse bitcoin all over the world. The digital currencies are now adopted by a large number of merchants for accepting payments.

Many financial experts predict that digital currencies can change the global financial system. Now let us see how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can impact the future.

Global transactions

If you have understood the concept behind cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology blockchain, then you can easily know how it is useful for global transactions. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies which do not require any central authority for approving the financial settlements even in case of global transactions. Because blockchain technology is a peer-to-peer distributed network that allows you to transfer money without any third party. So, digital currencies can ease international transactions. The cost of transactions in virtual currencies is far less than traditional currencies, and the speed is also far better because it does not require any governing body such as central banks or financial exchanges.

Digital currencies may disrupt fiat currencies

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, many platforms, merchants, businesses, even banks are also started accepting bitcoin and other digital currencies. As a result, the demand for fiat currencies is degrading, whereas cryptocurrencies are becoming more accepted. Most of the central banks, financial institutions, and currency exchanges fear whether the cryptocurrencies may disrupt the fiat currencies in the future. However, if it is possible, then it’s not going to happen any time soon. It will take a long time.

Alternative investment for unstable economies

Investing in unstable economies is a big problem, and holding traditional currencies in those countries can diminish the value. That means the countries where the value of their domestic currency changes very frequently; they can choose bitcoin or any other popular digital currencies as an alternative option. Further, it can help to deal with a hedge against inflation.

Hedging against inflation

Another major advantage is cryptocurrencies can be used to hedge against inflation. Generally, the government has the power to devalue the value of their domestic currencies to stabilize the economy or pay debts. At times of financial crisis, the economic downturn government seeks loans from international organizations or from other countries. Once the dust settles, the government print currencies to pay the debts, which reduces the value of the traditional currencies. In that case, digital currencies can help them to hedge against inflations.

Diversifying investment portfolio

Well, there are many people who are living financial freedom by investing in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Because cryptocurrencies have provided unbelievable returns in the last couple of years. The digital currency industry is relatively new to the investment world, but the performance is significant. So adding cryptocurrencies to an investment portfolios is a great idea for diversification. However, one should invest less percentage of their capital into their investment portfolio. Because the amount of capital you invest in cryptocurrencies may entirely be lost investment portfolios.

More financial freedom

Cryptocurrencies provide more freedom to the public. That means you have complete control over the digital currency you own. You can use your digital currencies at your own risk, and you can send it to someone without any third party. Moreover, digital currency also allows you to spend it in casinos, games, etc. Again, you can also share your vote to change any policy in the cryptocurrency community, which is not possible in the traditional currencies.

Better financial system

Despite many negative views about digital currencies, these are many positive sides. You can trace the transactions in the network, everything is transparent, and the transactions are faster. Again the cost of transactions is very less, and you can send money to anyone from anywhere. Cryptocurrencies can also ease business settlements with smart contracts. Overall, digital currencies can bring a better global financial system in the future.


All of these above factors show that digital currencies can alter the global financial system. There are many companies working toward innovative blockchain technology to come up with better financial infrastructure. So, investing in digital currencies can be beneficial for the future. If you want to invest in digital currencies, then Bitcoin Era is the most recommended software.