6 of the best productivity apps for 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic for many of us, our home has now become our office!

Staying productive can be hard, but did you know that there are apps out there that can help you stay productive and increase your workflow? In this article, cover 6 of the best productivity apps for 2020.

What are productivity apps?

Productivity apps help you manage your workload and finish your tasks more efficiently. Whatever your job role or your company, there will be an app for you! Whether it’s a communication app like Slack, a project management app like Trello, or a writing app like Grammarly. Many are available to download for free, with some being available on a premium paid service.

How can they help you achieve your goals?

Productivity apps can help you achieve your goals by ensuring that you stay focused and by helping you to complete your tasks quicker and more efficiently. Depending on your job role, you may need apps to help you plan projects, overview data, stay in contact with colleagues and management, and also streamline your creation process.

Below we have outlined our six favourite productivity apps:


Free plan, two-tiers of paid plans

Slack is a communication app that allows you to chat with your colleagues and management with ease. Forget using email, this app allows you to instantly message one another, so nothing is lost or forgotten. All messages are kept organized and you can easily search for messages from someone by name, or by the group chat.

You can create individual threads, dedicated groups for your marketing, management, or customer service teams. You can dip in and out of chats as needed and the handy notifications will ensure you always know when someone is contacting you.

Slack is not only just for the serious stuff, but you can also share video chats, documents, and interactive GIFS to one another, making things much more conversational and fun.


Free Plan, the premium plan also available at $9.99 per month

Trello is the perfect app for managing your workflow and group projects. The app works like a visual pinboard where you can break your projects down into cards that cover different categories and steps of production. As these tasks get completed they can move from one section to the next. It’s a highly visual platform that helps users clearly see what tasks are required and the steps needed to complete their work.

It also allows users to chat amongst themselves, leave messages, tag one another, and send documents to each other throughout the app. It’s a popular app amongst companies that have blogs, or create content as they can see the visual process from idea concept to creation and it being published on the front end.


30-day free trial, then starting from $29 a month

Social media is an important tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. You can now reach customers 24/7 all over the world, but it comes at a cost. Creating engaging social media posts can be time-consuming, but thankfully there are apps out there like Hootsuite that can help streamline the process.

Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media accounts all in one place. You can arrange and schedule posts, respond to comments, and track your engagement, all on one screen. There are no time limits, you can schedule posts for months into the future, allowing your social media team to effectively plan campaigns and measure their success.


Basic package is free offering 100 tasks per month, Premium plans from $20 per month

Zapier is an automation app that helps you enhance your productivity. Zapier automatically connects thousands of apps or workflows that connect together. You no longer need to copy and paste the information to send in between apps, Zapier does this for you! When something happens in one app, Zapier takes care of everything that needs to be done in the others, from sending emails, copying data into spreadsheets, and more. The app takes care of these tasks so that you have time to focus on the vital work that needs to be done.


Free plan, Premium plan starts at $9 per month

If you need to track how much time you and your colleagues are taking to complete a task, then Toggl is the app for you. This app works on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, so no matter what device you are using to do your work, you can track your time. It sends you helpful reminders and once your task is complete, Toggl sends you a detailed report showing you how you used your time. This will help you and your team effectively look at how you work and what to change in order to complete tasks faster.


Free limited use, Premium plans from $13 a month

Signing and sending documents online can be a lengthy process, so why not cut your time in half and use electronic signature software.

HelloSign allows you to sign legally binding contracts electronically. Your documents will be organized in the HelloSign system so you don’t have to store physical copies anymore! All you need to do is create the document, send it to the people who need to sign, and there you have it! A legal document without the hassle!


Free for the basic version, the premium version costs $29.99 per month

Everyone should have this application! Grammarly proofreads and checks your grammar and spelling, giving you an overview of your writing and it’s style and tone. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, as a browser add-on and on your computer and mobile. It is most helpful when sending important documents or emails so that you can always ensure you have used the right spelling and grammar before sending it.