Top 5 questions to ask before buying outdoor furniture

Whether you are buying outdoor furniture for the first time, or looking to replace existing pieces, you should always take your time to ensure you buy the right items to fit the environment.

If you are not sure where to start, or how to figure out the best types of furniture for your garden, here are 5 questions to ask before buying outdoor furniture.

1. How much space do you have?

The number one – and most – important question to ask is how much room is in your garden? Think of it in a similar way to any room inside your property as you do not want the furniture to look too big or small outside. The easiest place to start is to take measurements of the area you are buying for. Furniture Maxi offers a great range of high quality rattan garden furniture at excellent value across the UK.

You can then create a rough bird’s eye view of the garden to map out the measurements and where potential pieces of furniture could be placed. When searching for furniture, take note of the dimensions and see how these fit into your plan. That should ensure you find the right balance between comfort and space so the area doesn’t feel overcrowded with outdoor furniture that doesn’t fit.

2. What will the furniture be used for?

In order to find the best patio furniture, you will also need to consider what it will be used for and how regularly. This is where the type of material it is made from will play a crucial role. For example, rattan garden furniture stands up extremely well to long-term and heavy usage, and its natural weatherproof qualities also mean it is perfect for use all-year round. Plastic or aluminium outdoor patio furniture may not stand up as well to such testing use.

Wil you be eating outside on a regular basis, or entertaining friends and family? If so, then you will want to invest in strong, durable and reliable furniture that won’t require you to carry out lots of repair and maintenance, or force you to look for replacements sooner rather than later.

3. How many people will use the furniture?

As we mentioned above, usage levels will play a big role in your decision making. Not only in terms of the choosing appropriate materials for the usage levels, but also the size and shape of the outdoor furniture. If you like to invite people round on a regular basis, or have a large family, you will be more inclined to look at items that offer more seating options. The opposite is just as true for anyone who doesn’t entertain too regularly, so a single chair or bistro set could be the best option for them.

One of the reasons why rattan patio furniture is so popular is due to the diverse range of styles available. That makes it easy to find multi-seat options, or small cube sets to suit people who prefer to enjoy their own space in their spare time.

4. What colours will suit your garden best?

When shopping for outdoor furniture, many people prefer to go for neutral greys, whites and browns as this fits into the natural environment found outside. Another plus about going this route is these can be more adaptable to any changes made in the future, so if the outdoor décor is updated, neutral colours tend to blend in more easily.

Of course, some people prefer to bring colour and vibrancy to their garden. If you want to add bright yellows or greens to complement the greenery, this can also work extremely well. The thing to remember is the garden should reflect your personality, so if staying neutral is not exciting enough for you, bring some much needed colour wherever you can.

5. What is your preferred style?

The final element to think about is style. What kind of house do you own, or style of garden have you cultivated? Owners of Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian houses may prefer outdoor furniture that is more traditional and classic in style, and may already own pieces that reflect this. If so, there are no shortage of options with rattan and timber furniture always proving to be a good fit.

Modern and contemporary houses will also suit rattan and timber due their adaptability, while minimalist metal designs also give off a cutting-edge feel. Whatever you choose, be sure it works for you and makes the space feel inviting enough for you to make the most out of your garden.