7 best furniture styles to change your home’s look

When it comes to creating the perfect look for your home, the choice of furniture is important. The style of furniture you choose will determine if your abode looks drab and unappealing or beautiful and alluring.

Given the multiplicity of furniture styles, it can be hard to choose the best one for your home. To make your task easier, here are seven furniture styles that will improve your home’s aesthetic.

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Top styles to consider for your home

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Transitional
  • Mid-century
  • Minimalism
  • Casual
  • Contemporary

Before we delve into the different furniture styles for your home, we must make some important points. First, your choice of furniture style should depend on your sense of aesthetics. Do you find beauty in simplicity? Do you find vintage pieces alluring or you like the functional look of modern-inspired items? Answering these questions will help you decide which style of furniture to pick to adorn your home.


Traditional style of furniture is inspired by classical European decor and emphasises elegance and simplicity. It features ornamental materials, deep colours and rich wood tones.

This style turns your home into a cosy and inviting space through the use of luxurious materials such as silk, leather and velvet. Many homeowners say the traditional style is one for those who love beauty. And with the intricate designs that come with it, one can hardly fault that statement.

If you wish to give your home that classic, old-but-gold look, the traditional style is best for you.


Over the years, tastes of homeowners have evolved from wanting ornate furniture pieces to craving simple, functional furniture. This explains the popularity of the modern style of furniture, especially among urban dwellers.

The modern style uses simple designs, neutral colours and few ornamental elements to give an overall sense of functionality. Choose this style if you want a neat and simple look to your house.


Who says you have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality? The transitional style of furniture combines elements of traditional and modern styles to give your home a balanced look.

The transitional style of furniture uses neutral colours, clean and crisp lines, ornamental details and a combination of wood and glossy finishes.

Mid-century modern

The mid-century modern style strikes a balance between retro and contemporary furniture styles. Basically, it is a vintage-inspired style that doesn’t have the excess ornamentation common with traditional-styled furniture.

It uses minimalist silhouettes, natural wood finishes and few ornamental elements. Materials commonly associated with this style include linen, cotton and chenille.

One of the best brands for mid-century modern would be Liang & Eimil , with a truly aesthetic style that can enhance your interior designs.”


If you find beauty in simplicity, we’d recommend outfitting your home, especially the bedroom, with minimalist furniture. Minimalism emphasises utility and uses as few materials as possible. It also features lots of muted colours, smooth, utilitarian edges and subtle design elements.


The emphasis in the casual style of furniture is on comfort. If you want your home to have a relaxed, inviting look, a casual style is the perfect choice. Casual furniture features luxurious cushioning, plush seating and relaxed styling. This makes it an excellent choice, particularly if you tend to have family or friends over at your place.


Many tend to confuse contemporary furniture style with modern style. However, they are two different things. Contemporary style is modern, but is influenced by current design trends and is largely in a flux. So, furniture described as contemporary today may not be contemporary in a few years’ time. Meanwhile, modern furniture is less fluid and has a fixed definition.

Contemporary style borrows heavily from trends to give your home a chic look. It features simplistic silhouettes, curved lines, neutral colour palettes and limited ornamentation. If you are a lover of dynamic design, contemporary-styled furniture will suit your tastes.