Call centres in the Philippines post COVID-19

According to economists and financial commentators, the UK is heading for a deeper recession than was caused by the 2008 crash. But you don’t have to be an expert to have read these signs because they are all around us.

The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on UK companies, with businesses grinding to a halt in most sectors, from the high street, which remains eerily silent, to the major financial institutions in the city. A business survey carried out for the month of July showed it experienced the worst monthly decline in economic activity on record. Is the same true of call centres in the Philippines?

call centres Philippines post COVID-19 This means that British companies are under increased pressure to reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience in this increasingly competitive world of the lockdown. One thing is sure: companies need to adapt, and fast, to this new reality or they face going under.

There is an answer. With the fact that labour costs are usually the highest cost components of most companies, outsourcing labour offshore can be the best solution in these difficult times. And you might not realise it, but the world’s leading call centre outsourcing destination is the Philippines.

So why is call centre outsourcing to the Philippines booming?

The Philippines is unique across Asia. For a start there is an excellent level of English language skills across the country, thanks to a first-class education system. Another reason for this is the Philippines has very close cultural ties to the West. 94% of all Filipinos are Catholics and the entire country has been fast to adopt Western business practices.

Call centres are a major driver of the Philippines’ economy. The country has an excellent infrastructure and call centres are ultra-modern and efficient. There is also a large pool of highly qualified and experienced call centre agents.

If these were not all good reasons to partner with a call centre in the Philippines, the clincher is the low labour costs. These are 60% lower in the Philippines than they are in the UK, so the operating costs of any UK-based company are slashed overnight.

If this seems like a drastic step in these troubled times, remember that many major UK companies are already outsourcing their back-office support operations and call centres to the Philippines, and have been doing so for years. BT, HSBC and Prudential to name but a few, are already taking advantage of the cheaper costs and improved operating efficiencies of this country.

So will outsourcing to the Philippines be suitable for your company?

Outsourcing to the Philippines will be suitable for most companies. The two main areas of operation in the Philippines are call centres and the provision of back-office support, and around 60% of all outsourced tasks are customer service-related. You have undoubtedly spoken with call centre agents in the Philippines without even being aware of their location.

Additionally, you do not need to be a major company to benefit from outsourcing to the Philippines. This option is available to businesses of all sizes, not just the giants such as Vodafone and EY.

The key to success in outsourcing to the Philippines is finding the right partner

The key to success is finding and partnering with a capable and experienced call centre outsourcing provider such as PITON-Global in Manila. The company is the mid-market leader in call centre and back-office outsourcing services.

Call centre outsourcing to the Philippines may be a step you never intended to take, but in this time of worsening economic recession, it could be the only thing that helps your company stay in business.