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Biggest platform for forex signals just launched forex signals for free on Telegram

Traders now will be able to receive forex signals in time as the UK-based platform Learn 2 Trade has launched a forex signal service on Telegram.

There were two main reasons why Learn 2 Trade decided to expand its service in Telegram: the speed and the reliability that Telegram offers. Moreover, Telegram has millions of consumers worldwide, and it is a platform with a bunch of trading discussions taking place all the time.

what is Telegram Free service and a premium upgrade!

Users have the option to pick in between two forms: the free service and the premium upgrade. If one goes with the free service, they will get three signals per week, and if they decide to pick the premium upgrade, they will get three signals per day, five days a week.

How does the service work?

Trading opportunities will never be missed as Learn 2 Trade uses sophisticated technologies to scan the markets. The provider relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which makes it a completely automated system.

This system can sense opportunities non-stop, 24 hours a day at any given time. Moreover, this automated technology is backed by technical indicators like Bollinger Bands, RSI, and MACD. So, once the provider notices a trading opportunity, it will send the signal out via Telegram.

You will not get only the signal!

When Learn 2 Trade sends the signal out for its users, they make sure they attach loads of information to help the trader place it more accordingly. A trader will not just get the signal and the strategy to enter into the trade, but other information also to make a clear exit plan. 

This information includes: 

  • Buy or Sell: Whether the user should be going long (buy order) or short (sell order).
  • Findings: Learn 2 Trade provides a brief explanation of why the signal is sent to the audience.
  • Stop-Loss: The price that the stop-loss order should be set.
  • Entry Price: The price that the Learn 2 Trade members should enter the trade.
  • Take-Profit: The price that the take-profit order must be reached and earn money through the deal.

Moreover, it does not matter if you pick the free or the premium plan since these pieces of information will come with the signal anyhow.

Which plan should you choose?

Learn 2 Trade is the most transparent trading platform out there. Behind the company stands an honest group of traders that have been trading for years. As part of their offers, they have the free signal service and the money-back guarantee. The forex signals page actually encourages the new users to test the free signal service to see how well their algorithms perform. 

Three signals per week with the free plan sounds like a good starting idea, but if you want to dig deeper and get at a higher level, you might consider the premium plan. And, you will not lose anything anyway, as Learn 2 Trade offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A vital part for a trading provider as there are many platforms out there that will rarely keep their promises although they pour loads of money in their marketing to look more convincing.

But, with Learn 2 Trade, you are entirely safe and secure since the platform is the most transparent one.

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