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How to choose the best online casino

Are you new to online games and are looking for an online casino to play for real money? There is more to choosing a casino than many first-timers think.

For starters, it should be legal in your country or state. You should not be breaking any laws by playing at the casino. It also means you will have legal recourse should something go wrong.

picking an online casinoMany popular online casinos have licenses to operate in most countries around the world. As you begin your search, it is more practical to first filter out those whose sites you are not allowed to visit. To help you along, these online casinos are the best sites in the industry. This guide will help you filter the rest and find one that best suits your needs in seven simple steps.

Step 1: Know what you want by setting expectations

The first step in finding the best online casino is knowing what you need. What do you expect to get out of the casino experience? If you are a casual gamer, you can expect to find a variety of your favorite games on the site. If you are looking to win big in live card games, then your expectations will be different.

The right way to go about figuring what you want is by writing it down. Make a list of returns you expect in the gaming experience, and it will be much easier to find a casino that meets them.

Step 2: Select casinos with good reputations

There are phony casinos that look legitimate scattered all over the internet. Most times, it is difficult for a first-timer to tell they are frauds. However, by checking the reputation of a casino, you will know whether it is trustworthy.

Note that some casinos may be legitimate but have major issues you would rather avoid. These casinos cheat players by withholding winnings or even hosting rigged games. Before you sign up with an online casino, read its reviews, and ensure it has a good reputation.

Step 3: Explore the casino’s game library

Each one of us has a favorite game. There is a good chance you already know what game you want to play even before you find a casino offering it. When you have a list of potential casinos to join, take the time to scrutinize their game libraries.

Most casinos will allow you to browse their site and explore their offerings. Some will even extend free credits so you can play some of them without depositing money. Take advantage of such an offer to get familiar with the variety of games the casino has in its library.

Step 4: Compare software options

There are about ten casino platforms powering over 5,000 online casinos today. The software a casino runs on determines the types, range, and quality of games and services offered by the casino. Before you settle on a casino, verify the software it runs on and do a quick search to find out how good it is.

The quality and reliability of popular software such as NetEnt, IGT, Playtech, and Microgaming are proven. Others such as RTG, IGT, CryptoLogic, and Betsoft are high up there in game diversity. Other popular names are NYX or Next Gen Gaming, Merkur, Novomatic, and Aristocrat. Dig deeper to learn more before signing up if a casino does not run on any of these platforms.

Step 5: Gifts, bonuses, and rewards

Since you are taking the time to find the right casino, it is obvious you wish to find one you can stick with for long. How great would it be to choose one that extends generous bonuses regularly to its faithful customers? This is why the amount and frequency of promotions and bonuses the casino offers matters.

You should be able to tell how generous or stingy a casino is based on its offers and promotions. You can find this information on review sites or by searching the name of the casino. It will also help to check whether the casino has a loyalty program and how it rewards its most loyal players.

Step 6: Check banking options

Here is something most people overlook when choosing the right casino: payment methods. Since you will deposit money to play with, and withdraw your winnings at some point, this is important. Choose an online casino that supports your payment method.

As a rule of thumb, go with a place that supports two or more of your payment methods. These may include credit and debit cards, online merchant accounts, and wire transfers.

Step 7: Keep an open mind, and have fun

In summation, your choice of an online casino will determine whether you have fun or waste time; whether you will win big or lose all your money.

Before you commit to signing up with an online casino, accept the truth that the fun is something you grow into. As you begin playing, you will win sometimes and lose most of the time, but in the end, it is the experience that counts.