8 legitimate work at home opportunities you should try today

Working at home is a dream come true for a lot of people. Even those who are happy with their traditional 9-5 office jobs would love to experience it.

Whether you’re working from home on a part-time basis to build your savings or doing it full-time, this setup provides significant opportunities. Of course, flexibility is one of the many advantages that work-from-home individuals enjoy.

work from home opportunitiesIn these trying times, while the world is still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, legitimate work at home opportunities sound pretty good. There are legit websites, like Upwork and Prizerebel, that allow people to earn money without having to leave their humble abodes. The problem is that plenty of scam work-from-home job postings also exist online.

This guide has rounded up eight legitimate work-at-home opportunities below to help you start earning real money. 

Provide virtual assistant services

Businesses are expected to hire virtual assistants now that many of them are starting to operate online. Some companies have even made their operations completely online. Virtual assistants (VAs) help keep business owners organized by completing administrative tasks. As a VA, you’re going to work as an independent contractor from a remote location, usually your home office. You’ll provide technical, creative, and administrative services to support clients from different industries.

Take part in online surveys

Did you know that you can earn good money by simply answering product tests or online surveys?  The best thing about these things is that you can complete them from home. Take a look at websites that allow you to make money with opinion surveys. Besides cash, most paid survey sites also reward free products and gift vouchers to participants. Most of them are also free to sign up for and use. 

Become an online voiceover artist

Thanks to technology’s advancements, people can now find voiceover work for ads on YouTube, Spotify, and other digital platforms. Of course, the movies, TV commercials, and radio programs that need voiceover talents will always be an excellent source of voiceover gigs, too. The industry is rapidly growing and represents the forefront of a lot of different technological trends, as Voices Annual Report details. 

Work as a medical transcriptionist

Most medical transcriptionists can now work from home instead of working in physician or hospital offices. The only requirements to become a work-from-home medical transcriptionist are an earpiece, a desk, and a computer. Before you can start transcribing recorded medical dictation, you also have to complete a postsecondary medical transcriptionist program first.

Design websites

To succeed in this increasingly digitally-driven world, businesses need to have their own websites. The problem is that most business owners either don’t have the skills or don’t have time to design a website that’s attractive and easy to use for their customers. That’s where web designers come in. If you’re looking at building a career as a website designer, note that online businesses aren’t the only source of work for you. That’s because organizations, clubs, and bloggers need websites as well.

Take on freelance writing gigs

Freelance writers come up with creative ideas, create content, or formulate news articles that fill the pages of various websites on the Internet. Now that the world is embracing digitalization more rapidly, freelance writers are needed more than ever. If you want to take on freelance writing jobs, your writing experience would be very helpful. 

The bigger websites employ in-house writers, so it’s also possible to earn from writing full-time. A great number of sites, however, still choose to outsource their content work by hiring freelance content creators and writers because of such a setup’s flexibility.

Tutor kids or adults online

Online tutoring is also an excellent way to earn money from home, especially now that the online education space is booming. You can be required to teach elementary, high school, or even college students. If you’re teaching English as a foreign language, you may have to teach professionals from non-English speaking countries around the globe.

Become a social media manager

As a means of reaching customers directly, more and more businesses, big or small, have gotten themselves on the social media bandwagon. The problem is that not every business has the time to manage their accounts in different social media channels. That’s why the need for social media managers has grown significantly. Social media managers help businesses expand their reach and grow their online following.

Final thoughts

Do work-from-home jobs really exist?  The short answer is, yes. In fact, working from home is so alive because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Often, working from home gets a bad rap due to the many scam work-from-home job openings out there. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that legit ways of making money from home really exist. The ones above are only some of the many examples of how one can start a home-based career.