4 surprising products that sold out during the coronavirus pandemic

While most countries aren’t on lockdown anymore and the shops have reopened, the postal services of most countries are still doing overtime.

During the last few months, people’s online shopping habits have reached new highs. And while some products make a lot of sense for coronavirus, think of desinfectants, groceries and face masks, other products that sold out were a little more surprising. Did you know these 4 products sold like crazy the last few months of the coronavirus pandemic?

coronavirus productsHair dyes

During the pandemic, all kinds of hair dyes were selling out. The main reason here is that many hair dressers were closed during the pandemic, so some people took matters into their own hands. Colorful dyes were also very popular; probably because a hair-experiment was possible if an employee didn’t have to show up for work! 

Home improvement tools

Being stuck at home has its pros and cons. Some people love being at home and taking time for themselves, others are used to being outside all day. When you’re home all the time, you notice things you don’t usually notice all that much. For instance, that dripping tap might not be the biggest issue when you’re outside all day, but when you sit next to it, trying to work … then it might really irritate you! We saw a big spike in sales for all kinds of home improvement tools and gardening tools. Understandable: if you’re stuck at home and you have a garden, you might as well do that task you’ve been putting off. Have you been gardening during quarantine? Let us know! 

Workout tools

For some, quarantine meant sitting in sweatpants watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Not having the daily responsibilities was lovely. Others hated not being able to do the things they did usually, like going to the gym. While some enjoyed snacks on the couch, others bought home workout equipment such as weights and resistance bands. 

Jacuzzi’s and spas

For many, the quarantine time meant that they couldn’t relax in the way that they usually did. No one could go to the bar, the gym or even in some cases the park. That meant they had to find another way to relax … Fonteyn Spa’s, the biggest retailer of jacuzzis and spas in the Netherlands, noticed that their spa’s, such as an outdoors spa (Dutch: buitenspa) were selling really hard. Nothing better than relaxing in your own spa, after all!