5 effective SEO strategies to boost your lead generation in the time of corona

There are a lot of years you will remember in your life, but 2020 will definitely be one that all of us will remember. Corona has changed the way we live, impacting our work in many ways.

The good thing that came out of the corona pandemic is the fact that we found a way to adapt and keep on living, boosting our productivity any way we can. As every aspect of our lives had to go through changes, so did the business strategies, marketing plans, and roadmaps. The one thing that did not change is the need for our business to grow in order to be successful and outshine the competitors.

lead generation in the time of coronaCorona pandemic made us rethink our strategies, especially in online business, adjusting them to the new reality. But, corona or no corona, websites still have to grow, visitors count still need to rise, and SEO strategies need to help us generate more potential clients – leads.

As we all know, the thing that determines search patterns is consumer behavior. With the COVID pandemic impacting both marketing trends and consumer preferences, SEO needs to adjust and adapt to the way users changed. Here are some tips on how to use SEO the right way in order to boost your lead generation in 2020. And remember, good SEO is not just about traffic, its purpose is to increase qualified traffic, and help you identify quality leads for your business.

Search phrases and keyword during the pandemics has changed

Before digging into any new strategy, it is important to understand that when people’s needs change, so does their online activity. By using the right research tools to find corona and COVID-19 related phrases and keywords you are pinpointing the results that are best for your audience and your business. While you are doing your research, try to look for keywords that are specific to your niche. Google Analytics can help you a lot, and as with any keywords, you should really be careful with the competition level of keywords, and look for a high search volume, low competition keywords, and phrases. This can be helpful because you are not the only one looking to connect the keywords with corona and COVID-19 terms, and you can easily slip into low search volumes by targeting generalized terms and keywords.

Once you identify the high-value terms and keywords that are corresponding to your business, your next step is to implement them into your website’s content and add relevance and value to it.

Understanding your target audience

Before any steps towards content optimization, we need to understand the needs of our audience. Social media can be a strong tool for us to achieve this, either through topic discussions or surveys that will help us ask about the things we need to know. Bear in mind that you should connect all your topics and surveys with the current corona situation, to lead them into getting you the right answers.

If research is successful, you should get a list of keywords that can attract the right kind of audience to your website. This way your improved SEO will help you drive the right kind of audience to your website, with appealing content that is hitting all the right buttons and generating precious leads.

New content isn’t everything

Yes, people like to know about trending topics in your industry, but don’t think for a second that they are not reading about everything else. General topics within your niche are good because they stay relevant and accumulate traffic over time. On the other hand, trending topics are great tools for achieving results in the short run, but have no doubt about it, these pages will most likely decline over time, as these topics become less relevant.

Speed up your website

One of the things that your website visitors are first to notice is the speed and loading times of your pages. Creating a responsive and fast website is one of the first and most important SEO strategies, and there are three main ways for you to improve your website: good hosting, design, and optimization. Everything starts with a good hosting provider that gives you the right things that you need for your website at the right price. We came across some great reviews of Hostinger plans that can be very interesting for all kinds of websites, from blogs and startups to eCommerce and business ones. Picking the right provider starts with reading a lot of reviews and looking for one that ticks all the boxes with your essential needs.

Once your hosting is done, you can pick the right design, with a light, non burdening theme, and start thinking about content optimization, in order to make your website well organized, functional and snappy for your visitors.

Keep your audience engaged

Digital channels are a great way to interact with your audience and keep them informed and up to date. Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the most commonly used social media channels for lead generation, because they allow businesses to create their own pages and help them with leads, but that does not mean that they are by default the right one for your business. With specifics related to every social media network, you should try a couple of them and see which one gives you the best results. Talk to your audience. Use built-in features that can help you with lead generation, like hot topics, hashtags, videos, and engaging posts. 

Don’t fall out of your game

With corona knocking at the doors all over the world, people are afraid, and this is affecting their work efficiency, whether they like to admit it or don’t. In order to keep your website growing, this is the time you need to give 110% of yourself. Try to keep everything on your website up to date. From services and products that you offer, prices, working hours, supporting teams, and news, everything must be fresh and informative for your visitors. By doing this you will earn a reputation of being up to date when everyone else is falling behind.

It might be a good idea to create a dedicated corona/COVID-19 page or at least a FAQ section that will help visitors get fast and accurate answers to any question they need to know regarding coronavirus awareness and your business.

Become better friend with Google

There is nothing that can help you generate more traffic and boost your lead generation as a better ranking in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Even before the pandemic, Google kept changing its algorithms in order to improve search results and filter out the scam websites, by getting the visitors the best results quality. These changes are happening often, and you need to keep track of them and understand how they will impact your SEO, in order to boost your rankings.

Keeping track of the Google search console is a good start. This way you can follow up on organic searches and have a better understanding of search trends and things that your audience looks for. By adjusting your SEO to search demand and trends you are giving more relevant answers that will improve your rankings. 

Be prepared

In these turbulent times, the future of every business is uncertain. Most planned strategies need a lot of adjustments during a coronavirus pandemic, with SEO being one of them. But as people stay at home more, they are spending more time online, and SEO has never been more impactful than in 2020. If you can leverage that in your account, you can drive additional traffic to your website, social media networks and create a hefty amount of quality leads that will help your business grow now and in the future.