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Disability today and tomorrow: Living in a post-pandemic world

Welcome to Business Disability Forum’s annual conference, generously sponsored by our Partner HSBC.

Name: Disability in 2020: Time for business

Date: Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October 2020

Time: 9.30am to 4pm BST (both days)

Cost: Members and Partners: Free, Non-Members: £199 plus VAT (use code TBVC2020 for 10% off)

Sponsored by HSBC UK

This year, we’re delighted to bring you a two-day virtual conference and we invite you to join us, wherever you are, as we discuss and debate the most important topics affecting businesses and disabled people in a post-pandemic world.

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disability today and tomorrowBuilding on the positives of lockdown and challenging the negatives COVID-19 has created. From the advantages of working from home to staying in touch with colleagues our panel will explore how companies can benefit from the pandemic and grow from their experiences when employees return to their working environments.

Technology: High tech, low tech, no tech

The lockdown hasn’t been the same experience for everyone, while some disabled people are tech savvy others have had a steep learning curve. This panel will discuss what technology has enabled us and how accessibility to this has had to be adapted and developed.

Legal: adjusting to adjustments today

Businesses have become familiar with the term reasonable adjustment or accommodation but what does “reasonable” now mean? Our Head of Legal Bela Gor looks at how reasonable adjustments has changed since the lockdown as well as the post-pandemic impact of the end of furlough schemes, return to workplaces and combating the risk of redundancy for disabled people.

Business disability global debates: Disability in tomorrow’s world

The virus forced us to think globally but to live locally. Will this continue and what will this mean for global brands? With the likelihood of a global recession ahead it has been the case that disabled people are more severely impacted by recessions than almost any other group. Join us as we explores what we can do to prevent this from happening and making sure when the world moves forward out of lockdown disabled people are not left behind.

Mental health and wellbeing

One of the highlights from our Scottish conference earlier this year was Dr. Wolfgang Seidl who gave a talk on Mental health in the workplace. This time he will discuss how the pandemic and lockdown has affected our mental health and wellbeing. Wolfgang will be joined by a panel to delve into some of the positives and negatives this period has brought and how we can all work together to build a better, mentally healthier world.

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