3 key things to consider when hiring a web designer

Websites are the key to growing an online presence.

Without one, your business will be unknown to most people in your target market. Nevertheless, building a website requires lots of time and dedication.

You could use an online website builder, but these tend to leave you with cheap and unprofessional sites. While you can still grow an online presence, you’re unlikely to impress many leads. You may need to consider hiring a web designer or subscribe to an unlimited graphic design service.

hiring a web designerYou need a professional site that’s designed by someone with experience. As such, you’ll need to hire a web designer to take control of everything. They can give you a unique site that will attract lots of attention and reflect your brand’s professionalism. Naturally, web design is a growing industry with many agencies and freelancers vying for your attention. How do you pick out the best one? Well, everything starts by considering these factors before hiring a web designer:

Do they have experience in your industry?

Some websites are vastly different from others – and it mainly links to the industry you work in. Depending on your offerings and target market, you may need a specific website that works for your sector. Instead of asking if a web designer is experienced, ask if they have experience in your industry. Have they produced sites for similar companies before? Do they know some of the key factors for websites in this industry? If they have this experience, there’s more chance of them doing a good job for you.

How do they charge you?

Web designers can charge you in many different ways. Typically, you have two options; fixed and variable prices. Ideally, you want to concern yourself with fixed price web design. Why? Because you get given a fixed price that doesn’t change throughout the web design process. As such, you can accurately account for how much the service costs before you agree to it. With a variable price, designers provide an initial quote that can rise or fall depending on their work. They often realise that more work needs to be done, so the quote increases at the end. This makes it harder to budget, so stick with fixed price web designers.

What services do they provide?

Will your web designer only build your website, or will they help you with SEO and other things? Similarly, do they offer services after the design has been finished, like monitoring your website? The more services a designer can offer, the better value for money you get. However, it’s not essential to hire a web designer with a plethora of services. You just need to be aware of what you’re paying for. This way, you avoid paying for a service that you think includes SEO, but doesn’t.

These three questions will help you seek out the best web designers around. Be warned, you will find lots of competition in this area! The best advice is to keep these questions in mind and ask for examples of their work. This is the top way to see if a web designer is right for you or not.