7 business strategies for a savvy entrepreneur

The future of small business is always unpredictable. Even though short-term achievements are often enjoyed, rarely do they last.

Several small investments in their early stages have failed. Naturally, long-term achievements for small investments is often a challenge. As technology continues to revolutionize the world, small businesses are being forced to incorporate newer technological developments into their business strategies just as the more prominent companies.

entrepreneur business strategiesShortage of industrial expertise, fewer human resource, and inadequate capital makes the small investments less competitive. Hence the need for smart entrepreneurs to adopt the following business strategies.

The BRRRR method strategy

When you start to utilize the BRRRR method strategy with cap rates, you will find that there is a lot of potential. It is a good thing to own real estate. However, if you own real estate with too much debt, it can overturn you. Using the BRRRR method could help you avoid that if you know your numbers. Check with to learn more.

Expanding clients base

Clients are the most important allies in business, and entrepreneurs should do their best to ensure that the existing clients are pleased. Excellent customer service, keeping regular contact, and some reasonable offers clients a chance to repeat purchases. A 5% positive deviation in retaining customers may result in a more than 75% increase in a client’s value.

Cap rates

The cap rate is obtained by dividing net operating income by the fair market cost of that particular property. This method will assist an investor in avoiding debts in real estate investment.

Rehab cost and fair market value

A property is looked for to buy and improve it by 75% or less of its approved value. Real estate appreciates by about 4% every year, which consequently increases the market value. More equity can now be pulled out and the procedure repeated.

Technology use

Technology utilization has revolutionized every sector, from the communication system to data analysis in the business. Technology use among small businesses has streamlined the operations and allowed them to compete fairly with established organizations. The then tedious procedures are now manageable. Digital tools for marketers elaborate more.

Create a strong brand

A stronger brand is what will make the business identifiable to the target clients. It represents the style of communication, values, attitude, and beliefs of your organization. The stronger brand identity lasts, the longer in the hearts and minds of the clients. A strong brand will resonate more with the target group. It should stand out and align with the company’s vision. Steps for establishing a more robust brand involves the following.

Researching the market and identifying what the competitors lack. Next is creating a logo, design of the website, color scheming, packaging, and merchandise. Seek the services of the best graphic designers to create the best visual effect. Next is creating a communication strategy, the official language that the company will use, maybe in social media marketing. Lastly is the need to remain consistent with the brand across the various platforms unless there is a need for re-branding.

Data management

All businesses, whether small or big, should gather and adequately analyze data relating to the company. This data will give a clue on clients’ behaviors, habits, and interests. Likewise, it reveals the online growth of the business. The analysis should be the entrepreneur’s main driver in making decisions.

Social media marketing

Social media is the best platform for marketing. A good and consistent social media marketing strategy allows small businesses to reach a wider audience. A sufficient amount of time should be spent creating a content calendar and a series of campaigns to be undertaken throughout a particular year.

Quality content

The creation of premium content allows one’s business to stand out. It establishes more relationships between the company and the clients. The copywriter will be the best in executing the business’s content strategy. Much effort should be put on creating high-quality content.

Focus on mobile users

Mobile website browsers have surpassed desktop browsers hence the need to target mobile users to reach a wider audience. The content should be able to be viewed on the smaller screens of mobile users.

In the real estate business, BRRRR is the most popular strategy applied. The value of properties is valued based on the neighborhood, nearness to infrastructures such as schools, availability of similar properties around, and other factors.

Identification and purchase of property is the most important way of applying the BRRRR strategy. Adequate finances and numbers are vital before venturing into real estate. You can reach out to senior advisors at complimentary strategy sessions if you need to discuss your business strategies and the most suitable entity structuring in real estate investment.

Entrepreneurs can consider venturing into residential, rental, property management, condos, vacation and resort homes, and income properties in real estate investment.