How to convey your business ideas with technology

Whether you’re an established company looking to grow your customer base, or you’re looking for investors to back you financially as you delve into the world of creating your own start-up, technology is vital.

Technology can be used for communicating your business propositions or ideas to clients, partners, and employees. You can base your entire business off the back off of technology, and so it should come as no surprise that technology is considered as the foundation for successful communication within and beyond your business.

business ideas technologySince there are endless digital products available online and a wide variety of ways that you can use this technology, it can be difficult knowing where to start. We’ve compiled a list of the best technology, digital service providers, and methods that you can use to your advantage when it comes to conveying your unique business ideas, selling points, future, and products.

Live chat platforms

Not only can live chat platforms on your business’s website help to advise potential customers on the most suitable product or service for them, but the platform is a way to gain customer feedback so that you can look to improve what your business offers. It can also allow you to find out what your customers enjoy about your business because your instant responses can guide the conversation towards different outcomes. Knowing what you are doing well and should keep the same is something that you cannot always gain any insight into without the ability to have an instant and direct conversation with your customer. As a business owner, you will often only receive emails and reviews from customers who wish to complain about what went wrong, rather than praise a product or service.

Social media influencers

Making use of celebrities or influencers who have a large following on social media platforms will allow you to promote your business and what it represents to a crowd of people who may not have come across your business before. It is worth researching and finding influencers who have previously shared similar products and making yours stand out, as well as finding out who the majority of their followers are. If you are trying to promote your business to a group that isn’t your target audience, it may be a better use of your time and money to choose an influencer who has followers that would be interested in your business. These people are more likely to convert to your customers than followers with no interest or connection to your products and services. Not only can you pique the interest of potential customers, but influencers could be interested in investing in your company or their followers may include business entrepreneurs looking for their next business venture. You are guaranteed publicity by choosing an influencer or celebrity to promote your business, which is good news regardless of how many customers you gain!

Pitching PowerPoints

Not only can you include PowerPoint slides as an information tool on your social media platforms and website to give your customers a snapshot of what your company can offer in a short visual bite, but a PowerPoint is an effective tool for business pitches to investors and retailers, as well as marketing to customers. These PowerPoints could involve no text, and allow a picture to paint a thousand words, or a simple message could be used to convey several of your business ideas.

If you aren’t a ‘tech whizz’ and you are looking for a way to create a sleek, modern and captive PowerPoint that will gain the attention of your desired audience, then hiring a PowerPoint design agency can help. Design agencies work with businesses across the world, with the knowledge and skills to identify your key business principles and messages and to package your business in an engaging, but understandable way.

Creating a digital brand

Having an online presence is essential for customers to know where they can contact the business and it further legitimises the business as professional. You should ensure that you have an account on the most common social media pages, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Whilst the first three are ways that customers can find you, LinkedIn is a way for your business to connect to other professionals, investors, and potential future employees. It again establishes your business as a legitimate company that is willing to show off to the rest of the business world its ability to take control over its image in the online world.

You should look to build a business image online, with logos and a distinct sense of style and formatting that can be easily identified as belonging uniquely to your business. Some of the most successful businesses have built brands around certain colours or characters, which forever remain synonymous with the business. For example, the colours red and yellow together instinctively make you think of McDonald’s, whilst a tick is often associated with Nike. Using these colours, logos and images could build the same familiarity with customers, which allows you to market your product unintentionally and without paying for anything. Carrying through these colour and brand themes onto social media like Facebook with the ability to add a profile picture and banner, or Instagram, which allows you to post images to be displayed in a 3×3 square format so you can create themed posts.

The interactions on these social media pages can be a way to measure how many people your business has the capacity to reach. Any business post that receives a like, comment or is shared, has successfully communicated across your business ideas and its intended message. This is perhaps the most telling way to see what customers or potential customers regard your business as, whether it is a positive or negative reaction.

Collaboration software

Marketing through influencers is one way to get your business in the public eye, but you need to ensure that you’ve established what exactly your business is offering its potential customers. Once this is known, you need to make sure that all members of your team understand, so that you can make sure all employees are on the same page for any marketing materials that they produce. You can do this by using Slack, Trello and Microsoft Teams. Google Drive is another useful tool for team members to collaborate together on the same documents and spreadsheets, which can ensure that all your business ideas are collected and stored in the same place. Communication is vital, especially in a large team.

In a competitive era, using technology is essential to making sure that your business continues to grow, remains relevant, and is in touch with the modern world. However, technology is also a useful tool for conveying your business ideas and showing off how well your business can provide a product or service. This is not only through text or images that can physically show your clients what your business offers through building your business’ online brand. By following these top tips on how to use technology within your business to communicate its ideas, you can ensure that your business appeals to not only customers but the world beyond them too.