How windows can help transform your basic space to extraordinary

Construction of new buildings is something that is continuously going. The buildings range from institutions such as schools, hospitals, business complexes, hotels, residential apartments and homes.

New interesting designs come up very often and so do the fixtures. Contractors aim to make their projects outstanding from all the others and beat the cliché that is buildings having an almost similar look. The owners and occupants of the different buildings also want a different feel that will satisfy them. There are different ways of making a space unique, like using the right windows, from the rest depending on its function and geographical location. Investors in cities tend to go for skyscrapers while most of the buildings in non-formal settings do not go as high. Most of them also consist of homes and are not business oriented.

windows in buildingEvolution of fixtures and openings in buildings

Fixtures refer to items that are fastened or attached to a property. They are a part of the property and come with it when a buyer takes possession. Examples of fixtures include light fixtures, ceiling fans, wall sconces, TV mounts and shelving units. Openings on the other hand refer to passages such as doors, windows and ventilators. The nice look is finished buildings have also been contributed by the interior décor, fixtures and openings.

Depending on the function of a building, the different fixtures and openings also play a huge role in giving it a formal but warm feel. The designs of doors, windows and ventilators have changed to more interesting designs. For instance, the doors have evolved from hinged doors and also have different lock mechanisms. The different types of doors include sliding doors, rotating doors, high-speed doors, automatic doors, panel doors and board batten doors. They offer more security and offer safety in times of emergencies such as fires. Ventilators also have new designs, most even fitted with smoke and toxic gas detectors. This prevents suffocation in an enclosed building.

Window designs for safety and aesthetic appeal

Windows are important openings in a building. They provide light, warmth and also act as ventilation. Windows also enhance safety in buildings and homes by providing passage during an emergency. The new window designs in the market not only offer functionality but are aesthetically pleasing. They are fitted to match the building’s design and even offer a good view of the surrounding landscape. To top it all, they have a slim profile and complement contemporary designs. The window designs include:

  1. Fixed casement which is used as a light source.
  2. Side hung which opens up and is perfect for a fire escape strategy.
  3. Side guided. It makes cleaning on the inside easy.
  4. Top guided. The sash provides good ventilation.
  5. Top hung fully reversible.
  6. Corner window. It offers great external views without disruption.