What is SMS marketing and how does it work?

Competition is growing stiffer with the rapidly changing consumer needs in today’s market. As such, brands need to adjust their strategies to remain on course with the current demands.

Technology has made it simpler for the upcoming entrepreneurs to adopt to the ever-changing business environment. For instance, today, one can reach their potential clients through social media. The main advantage is its affordability and the ability to link brands with a huge base of customers. Another way is SMS marketing.

what is SMS marketingBusiness social media profile is a must-have for any company, but mass texting is one thing that doesn’t receive enough appreciation from its users. The fact that it’s used in many marketing strategies employed by both small and big companies says a lot about its effectiveness. For one, SMS is a basic feature in any handset today. Therefore, the message can reach almost any potential client regardless of their background. This article aims to define SMS marketing and its basic operation.

What is SMS marketing?

Short message service (SMS) marketing is a common technique used by many businesses to advertise their products. It employs permission-based texts to spread promotional information to its potential customers. There are many templates for SMS marketing that companies use that are widely recognised. This can help your marketing appear more trustworthy. Customers are required to text an initial short code to opt for occasional messages from an automated system. There’s also an opt-out code sent to the recipient and they can use it if they no longer want to receive any promotional messages from the company. As such, only those interested in your campaigns will be the target of your future texts.

The user’s phone number is usually stored securely by the SMS marketing software. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the security of customer data. Also, it makes it easier for you to send future messages to the clients you’ve already attracted. In other words, you’ll have to go around digging through several files, trying to collect another set of contacts. 

How SMS marketing works

There are a few basic requirements that a company will need for this marketing strategy to start working. First, you’ll need to get a reliable bulk SMS service provider. This is the platform through which the texts will be sent to all the selected clients or potential customers. In most cases, this software will come with a dedicated or shared sender ID, which is a short code or name that appears on the recipient’s phone once the message is delivered.

Once you have all these in place, all you need to do is key in or select the contact numbers of target audience on the software and send your desired message. Usually, the information shared will either involve an upcoming product or a link to the landing page. The customer will read the message and follow the attached link or send their feedback to your board. Like any other marketing technique, the conversion rate will depend on how you package your messages.

So, why use text message marketing?  Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a business when you employ mass texting tools:

Immediate delivery

As earlier stated, SMS feature is something that has been integrated in all handsets, smartphones or not. Also, it doesn’t require Internet connection or any other additional factors for it to work. Therefore, the message is delivered almost instantly, provided the recipient’s phone is switched on. This means there’s a higher chance of getting several feedbacks and gaining more clicks within a few minutes.


Another advantage worth noting is the ability to analyze the results of your current or previous marketing campaigns. Once a message is sent, you’ll be able to track the number of recipients who read it and those who responded. At the end of the day, you’ll know whether it’s an effective move or it needs some changes. The best part is the fact that it will be easier to know if there’s a problem that needs immediate attention for the campaign to pick up. 

Quick feedback

If you’re looking for an interactive platform to use while marketing your products, then, SMS is one of the top candidates in that category. There are very high chances of receiving a quick feedback from the recipients since the message is delivered almost immediately. After creating a persuasive message, you can add a reply button or attach a link to a page on your website. This way, the clients will interact with your company either by sending their feedback directly through SMS or visiting a landing page via the attached link. 

Personalized communication

The best way to show that you care for your consumers is by engaging with them at a personal level. There aren’t many platforms that will give you such opportunities at an affordable rate like SMS marketing services. For instance, the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ have been known to have a huge impact on the customer’s final decision. 

However, you can only use these pronouns and possessive words when communicating directly to the desired client. One thing is for sure—SMS marketing presents you with a plethora of opportunities. It’s up to you to be creative and use them to your advantage, such as gaining clicks or more conversions.


Truth be told, mass texting is one of the most underrated marketing methods used by companies today. The fact that it uses traditional communication protocols make it unattractive to some businesses, but its impact cannot be ignored. A dedicated software is used to send personalized text messages to clients, and the contacts are saved securely for future campaigns. Once sent, the recipient will either accept to continue receiving such messages or opt out by sending a specific code.

The benefits of this type of marketing are endless. For instance, the message is delivered to the customer within a few minutes or even seconds. You’ll also get feedback within a few minutes, and you can measure the effectiveness of your strategy through a set of statistics. SMS marketing is designed for any kind of business; it’s up to you to employ your creativity to attract more clients.