Cosmetic formulation software: A solution for many companies

Formulation software is becoming ever more ubiquitous in the cosmetic industry. Ruled by countless standards and regulations, this sector is one where reliable tools able to automatize and centralize processes along the entire supply chain are invaluable.

This is where cosmetic formulation software truly shines, as it can apply to a wide array of imperatives from research and development to manufacturing, labeling, sales and more.

From a modular approach where highly specific needs are addressed to a complete solution targeting every aspect of cosmetic production, small businesses and large companies alike can use formulation software to be more efficient and more compliant.

Cosmetic formulation softwareCompliance at the heart of cosmetic formulation software

Formulation software constitutes one of most seamless ways to guarantee every aspect of a product is fully compliant with local or international regulations. The process of ensuring a cosmetic product follows all recommendations or requirements to the letter can be an incredibly time-consuming and error-prone one. The main reason for this is that these constraints are not only numerous and different from one part of the world (or sometimes even from one state) to another, but they evolve on a constant basis. From the concentration of an allergenic ingredient to establishing the INCI, cosmetic formulation software is updated in real time to provide a means of validating a formula according to most recent specifications.

Once the ingredient list is complete and verified, no extra step is required to generate the PIF, design the label or create any reporting documents your in-house processes mandate.

Facilitating communication

A well-organized team guarantees optimal productivity at every step of the supply chain. By streamlining workflows, formulation software makes it possible to centralize all activities related to the production of a cosmetic product or line. What makes this type of software a true collaborative tool is its cloud-based interface from which any actor involved in the development, manufacturing or distribution of the product can pull relevant information. Cosmetic formulation software keeps records of any decision made which could affect the product itself or its life cycle. This allows everyone to adjust their own actions to work in unison with the rest of the team.

Product development: The highlight of cosmetic formulation software

Optimizing the creative process is the main goal of formulation software. Developing new formulas can be quite challenging as employing the right ratios of base ingredients to comply with regulations all while ensuring the result is an effective, truly innovative product often proves complicated. This is because the data surrounding these ingredients undergoes regular updates, including restrictions and status changes. Allergenic compounds, for instance, can be present in some formulations, but their concentration varies from country to country. Thanks to a powerful database, cosmetic formulation software keeps track of every piece of data out there to help technicians make informed decisions.

It can therefore work as a true ‘formulation engine’, offering suggestions to improve upon an existing formula or to create an entirely new one. It also boasts change-tracking functionalities and keeps records of the modifications made over time. This even allows the user to backtrack should a previous version prove more satisfactory. They can look for a raw material based on its properties, classification, chemical nature, origin, commercial name, or recommended application to test its effect when used in the finished product. The formulation software keeps up with the multiple versions of the formula and, once it is finally complete, saves it in its every detail to facilitate the rest of the processes.

To choose the right type of cosmetic formulation software for your company, look at which aspects of your cosmetic production could be streamlined and select relevant modules to optimize accordingly.

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