Warning signs an online degree is a scam

The worldwide web has changed our lives in more ways than we ever thought possible and distance education is one area which has seen great advancements.

Educational portals like Learning Cloud Australia have been helping people all over the country to get higher education from the comfort of their own homes, simply through the use of their laptop or computer. Though online education we have access to materials and resources like never before and this is a great choice for people who are looking to get their degree.

online degree is a scamSadly however, given the faceless and sometimes un-policed nature of the web, there are some companies operating online which claim to offer degrees, yet they are in fact scams, looking to make money from you. If you are looking to get your online degree but worried about a potential scam, here are some warning signs to watch out for.

Familiar name

What many of these online charlatans will look to do is use a name which many of us are familiar with, to trick us into thinking that they are an extension of that particular brand. For example you may find an online educator which goes by the name of ‘RMIT Technological University’ this will make people think that it is connected in some way with the RMIT Uni in Melbourne, thus giving it more credence. If you see something like this, you should always look to investigate further to find out the truth.

Far too easy

Many of these companies will tell you that gaining your degree is fast, and very easy. This is not how people speak in the educational world and gaining your degree is far from easy at all. Any ads or websites which you see that offer you a comfortable passage to getting your degree, are likely to be offering nothing more than a piece of paper with your name on it.

Web address

Something as simple as a web address can be suspicious, especially when it comes to an educational operation. Almost every university or learning institute in the world has a .edu suffix, and so should the site that you are looking at. This is not a watertight way of checking on the company but it should certainly be looked at further if they do not have this suffix on their web address.

High pressure pitch

Universities and education centers like students to choose them, especially if they are for profit, but there is never a hard sell that you pick them over the competition. If you speak with someone or make contact with the organization and you are given a strong sales pitch or bombarded with emails about enrolling, this is something else that should bring about suspicion. A hard sell is not something which you should expect when you are looking to choose somewhere to get your degree.

These are not identifiers that the educational company is a scam, but they are warning signs which you should be on the lookout for.