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Comparing betting sites is more important than ever for UK consumers and here’s why

Online gambling has never been a bigger business than it is right now. Despite a recently published missive from the UK Gambling Commission detailing certain decreases over the summer months earlier this year, the return of major European league football alongside many other sports has analysts predicting a major boom in the industry. 

The UK is currently one of the most regulated markets in the world but it is important for consumers to do their research before choosing to sign up to any online bookmaker. Comparing a comprehensive list of trustworthy betting sites in the UK has never been more important.

comparing betting sitesAvoiding rogue operators

Despite regulator bodies being active in the UK, it has never been quicker and easier to sign up to a betting site. Hundreds if not thousands of operators have active products on the market all across the world and the proliferation of sports betting worldwide is clear.

UK customers should seek to avoid any betting sites that do not currently hold a UK licence and if there is doubt over whether an online operator is currently in possession of a UK government regulated licence a simple search and check can be done on the homepage of the UK Gambling Commission’s website.

The licence system

The UK is home to the world’s longest established licencing system and has a long history of regulation. With a multitude of options available it leaves UK punters with a choice of online betting operators much wider than their many of counterparts across the world.

Although UK residents can be safe in the knowledge that their licencing system is a prominent actor, other licences held in EU territories are generally held to be reputable. However, potential players should treat betting sites holding licences further afield with more caution, even if a betting site may in fact be trustworthy.

A wealth of options

The fact of the matter is the player has never been more in control. With such a large number of operators active on the UK market competition remaining high, betting websites have never had to try harder to attract business. 

It means potential players can navigate to a site that can give them more or less exactly what they want. Whether a player is looking for particular sports, a selected range of payment options, or even the chance to claim a new bonus, there is usually an active betting site looking to fill a wide variety of niches. 

Bridging the gap

The role of the affiliate has never been of more significance with such a large variety of on offer. A competent betting affiliate filters and funnels information to help the potential player find exactly what they want in a saturated market that can often seem daunting to newcomers. 

Betting reviews from the biggest operators such as Bet365, to specific information surrounding betting processes and payments are just some of the methods in which affiliates can act as middlemen in helping potential punters reach their intended goal with maximum efficiency and ease. 

The case for comparing betting sites has never been more important than now and that is how many affiliates are seeking to make a difference in today’s online gambling market.