Why you should hire a business coach

Working with a business coach can sometimes seem excessive – after all, why would you need someone else to teach you how to run your own business? You are the one who has come up with the idea, established it, grown it, and taken it as far as it has come. Why would someone else have valuable insight?

However, there are definitely benefits to working with a business coach, and this is one of those relationships that can help take your leadership, and consequently, your business to unprecedented heights.

hire a business coachLet’s take a look at some of the advice brothers Richard and Alastair Sanderson, entrepreneurs and business owners from Oxford who have launched several companies over the last eleven years, have to give us:

They will provide clarity

According to Richard Sanderson, working with a business coach who really knows what they’re doing can provide the kind of clarity you wouldn’t be able to attain otherwise.

Sometimes, all you need in order to solve a problem is to voice and unravel your ideas out loud, and for someone to ask you the right questions. It’s not so much that they will be able to provide solutions, but they will certainly be able to guide you to find your own. This is what a business coach can do for you.

They will provide objectivity

Alastair Sanderson states that one of the main benefits of working with a business coach is the objective insight it provides access to. No matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are, a coach can objectively critique your ideas and decisions in a way you will never be able to do, since you are so close to the work you are doing.

They will be able to remove all emotions and biases and provide feedback that will help you grow and develop further.

It’s a great way to network

Doing business is sometimes also about who you know, and not just what you know. A business coach can introduce you to fellow business owners, potential partners or collaborators, or even your next hire.

Richard Sanderson urges you to try and work with a coach that has experience working with individuals who are in similar roles as yourself, so that they can provide clarity and advice, but who have also worked with individuals in industries adjacent to yours. This way, they can provide valuable introductions, too.

You can always improve

Alastair Sanderson lists the example of Roger Federer to underline his point on the importance of hiring a business coach. If one of the best tennis players of all time still works on his game with coach Ivan Ljubicic, even after having won 20 Grand Slam titles, you too can improve your own business and personal skills.

Something that separates those who make it to the top from those who never do is the readiness to keep working on yourself, keep learning, keep expanding your experiences and your knowledge. Working with a business coach is just one way to go down this route.

To sum it all up

While working with a business coach may not be for everyone – and you may find yourself at a stage in your career where you don’t believe you could benefit from this kind of a relationship – take a look at some of the insight Richard and Alastair Sanderson offer. True, a business coach will certainly be another expense to add to your books. But the benefits and insight they can provide can help you maximize your revenues and turn your business into the best version of itself. To learn more about Alastair and Richard you can visit their site