Social media hacks to diverge traffic on your page

With more than 5-6 billion people currently active on social media platforms selling your products online through them has never been more challenging.

Because with these 5-6 billion people actively scrolling down on social media platforms, you are bound to find a million other sellers who offer the same things as you do but at a much cheaper rate. This is a predicament, you must overcome to maximize your sales throughout festive events, and throughout the year now, finding the right strategy to boost your traffic with social media and analyzing your competitors will take you a long way, but! For some people, having little to no knowledge in doing these things, staying ahead of the competition is pretty difficult, and well, any page owner who wants their products to be purchased wouldn’t want that now, would they? So, for people like those, this blog is the perfect helping hand they need.

social media trafficBecause right here, we’re going to talk about a few social media hacks that can help diverge traffic to your page so you can get top-notch sales throughout the year without any problem. But remember, these hacks only work in the beginning phases as your page starts to grow; your game plan will need to grow as well, and finding the right strategy will become essential so, with that said, let’s jump right into the topic at hand.

1. Optimize social media posts

The first step to diverging traffic towards your pages is to use high density posts filled with keyword enriched content by doing so you allow your posts to become visible on a broader perspective. Because as people search that keyword online they are bound to find your visual, your product on sale, and any other items which you want them to take a notice of. Thereby enabling you to finally reach untapped audience other than your direct followers.

2. Share the right content

An honest mistake that people seem to make a lot of times that result in people un-following them is by posting massive sales pitches everywhere on their profile. None of their content would be user friendly all they’ll offer the consumer is product on product which sometimes get un-appealing to the followers. So, another good way to keep the diverge of traffic intact is by sharing the right content. Something that tells a story, is visually accurate, and is contextually helpful. For example, Halloween is around the corner and your keyword is Halloween Deals don’t simply sell products write a story that speaks to the consumer, a story that prompts them to reminisce and get the product of their own accord instead of getting forced by a bombardment of ads.

3. Showcase your reviews

Any online shopper before making a purchase always go towards the review section of the page and, if you are a new business that’s slowly making its way up the ranks. Make sure to showcase your reviews make sure that every sees the best Christmas deals you had offered before and make them see that your interactivity with your consumers is always spot on. Earn their attention with your review and slowly drag them towards your product page or shop with honesty.

4. Make visual content

The eyes catch color before our mind can even respond and this is a fact when you see something interesting even if your mind is at someplace else you stop and see it through or at least give that thing some thought. This is basically how visual content work if you really need to diverge traffic on your site then make sure that your product image contains visual content. Somewhat like a meme or, even a customer bitmoji with your product giving a thumbs up. Make it natural and make it appealing once you share it people will notice and share it on your behalf. Resulting in more visitors per day than per week.

5. Be consistent with posts

Often times the influx of traffic becomes suitable that a social media manger starts to post lower content day by day we urge you to not do that, be consistent with your posts. Try to maintain the interaction with your consumers on a day to day basis and if you aren’t able to do that then below is an image attached that will help you figure out how consistently you should post.

how often to post on social media6. Use hashtags

Using hashtags is the perfect way to diverting traffic on to your posts and even putting them in the spotlight sometimes by starting a trend out of them hashtags are effective in anytime of the year but, the real results these hashtags show is around festive seasons. You can use Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday Offers, or even Cyber Monday Sales/Deals to capture the audience attention. Since most of the people will be crawling the web searching for items to purchase using these hashtags if you play your cards right you’ll be one of the shops they end up visiting.

7. Add tweetable quotes

In addition to making visual content that’s helpful try adding quotes like “Tweet This” or “Thoughts On This” to your posts and make them shareable. This in our opinion is the best way to start your post engagement. People will not only interact with the post on your page but if the tweetable content is up to par with the trend circulating then you’ll end up getting a similar amount of visitors that paid advertising might provide you.

Note: sure it is a far stretch in expecting the same amount of visitors as paid advertisement by only tweeting around but the stats online might disprove this theory.

So, these were the few hacks that would help you get the most out of social media platforms now these aren’t completely surefire but trust us for beginners these hack will surely bring about some great quality results. If you put the right strategy and marketing in place with these hacks then you can easily watch as the boost in traffic and sales go up slowly.