Profitable 3D printing business ideas

By far and away one of the coolest technological advancements which we have made over the last decade has been the emergency of 3D printing. Once upon a time this kind of technology was just a dream and the notion that we can quite literally print physical objects that function, is absolutely mind blowing.

From ornaments to guns, camera lenses to guitars, and even houses, there seemingly is absolutely no limit to what we can produce using this technology. Based it on these discoveries it should come as absolutely no surprise that many entrepreneurial minds are looking to get 3D printers and turn it into a successful business. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some profitable 3D printing business ideas.

3D printingCustomized earbuds

There has been quite the battle between earphone designers to make the perfect buds. These are certainly the fashion right now as more people want the joy of using headphones without feeling as though they are there, and of course headphones which do not fall out. Whilst there are some great products on the market, there aren’t many which are designed to fit into your own ear, and that is what a customizable earbud business could produce, and charge top dollar to do so.

Create your sketch

Customizable items within the kids’ products sector are big business and you could create your very own product based on the sketches of kids. Let’s say that a kid draws a wild looking dinosaur, in their own unique style of course. Parents send in their sketches, the business takes that sketch and turns it into an object with the 3D printer and the family have a memory which they can cherish forever. It will certainly last longer than if they put the sketch on a fridge.

Logo creator

Businesses will pay a great deal for physical logos and this could be a real money spinner. Just imagine having all of the local businesses in your area seeking to turn that 2D logo into something which they can display at the store front or even above the counter. Start local and then when word spreads, branch out even further with your logo creation business.

Small business prototype

Currently if you have an idea for a product and you wish to get a prototype made, this is going to come at great expense, which is not ideal for an individual who currently only has an idea. With 3D printing however you can help to bring down the cost of prototype production and market your services directly at small businesses and individuals who believe that t hey have an idea which will change the world. Word spreads fast in this community and as long as your work is to a high standard, you may quickly find that there are many entrepreneurs and inventors, lining up to use your service.

Get that 3D printer and the software, and the world is most certainly your oyster when it comes to business possibilities