The benefits of (partially) working from home

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many companies work (partially) from home. People are simply not allowed to work at the office, all at the same time/day. But besides not being able to, many people simply don’t want to work 5 days at the office anymore.

The last few months, people have experienced that they can do the same (and sometimes more) work at home. And because they don’t have to travel to the office, they have more time left for leisure – for some people more than 2 hours a day! There are benefits of working from home.

benefits working from home

So remote working may be the new way of working any time soon! What are the benefits for you – and the planet to working from home? You can read them in this article.

Less heavy traffic

If many people are working from home, there will be less heavy traffic on the roads. Less cars leads to improved traffic flow and consequently less congestion: handy for those days you do have to go to the office and for those people that simply can’t do their job from home. No traffic jams or other inconveniences definitely prevent you from starting your working day all grumpy. But besides a better mood, less heavy traffic also benefits the planet. After all, less heavy traffic also means less emission!

Circular IT

Circular IT – reusing electronic equipment – is emerging now that many people work from home. Since most employees also need a workstation at home, many companies opt for cheaper, more sustainable activities and equipment. Companies like Flex IT Rent for example, reuse electronic equipment. At Flex IT Rent you can rent a laptop, desktop, beamer or hire iPads of high quality for a fair price: better for the planet and ideal for companies that want to lower their footprint or simply can’t afford new equipment.

Less office space and costs

Many companies are rethinking their way of working. For those that realise that (partially) working from home might be the new ‘it’, consider downsizing or sharing their office space with other companies. Sharing your office or renting a smaller one means less rental costs – a big plus! And less people at the office means less travel allowance. 

All in all, home working more often is cheaper, more sustainable and results in more leisure time for the employees. No wonder that more employers and employees don’t want to go back to the office!