4 reasons your business should be using RFID access control

Business security has become a mainstream issue as the value of IT equipment and volume of employees and visitors coming in and out each day increases. For instance, the rise of shared offices makes it more important than ever that businesses can track visitors and ensure their office spaces are secure.

The emergence of RFID technology into the mainstream over the last decade and the security benefits that come with it have given rise to the use of RFID access control across a huge range of different business settings.

RFID access control

We’ve laid out 4 key reasons why your business should be using RFID access control.

Easier and Faster Access

RFID-based electronic tags or key-fobs can be read at a range up to 10metres if required. This means that staff can access certain areas within the business premises without having to use their hands to present a card to a reader (as is normally the case with traditional access control). Being able to access without having to present a card is especially useful in environments where staff are having to carry heavy objects, such as depots, food storage and hospitals.

Increased security

Within an RFID access control environment, each employee is assigned an RFID tag with a unique identifier on it, so if the card is stolen or lost, it is easy to cancel the cards access and identify any intruders. By assigning each employee a unique identifier, businesses are able to remove any risk of unauthorised people entering their premises and improve onsite security.

Manage the flow

Behind any access control solution is some software that is able to provide real-time analytics on the flow of both staff and visitors which can be compiled into detailed reports. This data helps security managers become more proactive when monitoring and identifying real-time security threats.

On site security managers are able to proactively restrict access to certain areas in the case of an emergency by either restricting all employees access or just a select few if they have been stolen.

People & vehicle integration

RFID access can be used seamlessly across vehicle and people entry points. Driver based ID systems are able to use the same key cards or fobs that are used when accessing a building. An RFID access tag can be inserted into a holder on the vehicle windshield to ensure that only authorised personal can access the business premises, that same tag can then be taken out and used as an access card for the buildings access control system.

This way, your premises and building can be secured and managed remotely by one simple solution. Seamless vehicle access control can reduce queues into the premises whilst removing the need to employ permanent gatehouse staff whilst staff can easily access all areas with one card or fob.

Final thoughts

RFID access control is changing the industry because of its added benefits other than just improved on-site security. It’s what has attracted businesses, small and large, to utilise this technology and experience the added benefits. From heavy duty environments such as mining to crucial, time sensitive environments such as hospitals, the added benefits of RFID access control make it a technology that is only going to become more popular on business sites.