Explore these 3 HDMI sockets for commercial application

HDMI is the abbreviation that is predominantly used for the High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a cable and connector that can transmit high-bandwidth and high-quality video and audio streams between devices.

HDMI technology is utilized in devices like Blu-ray players, DVD players, projectors, and HDTVs.

HDMI cable

Information on HDMI cables

Multiple organizations collaborated to develop the HDMI standard. One HDMI cable can replace three composite A/V cables, making it simpler to link two devices for transmitting A/V signals. HDMI sockets can transmit high-definition, enhanced, and standard video signals as well as up to eight channels of electronic audio signals.

Why are the cables different lengths

HDMI cables have significantly varying lengths which range from one foot to up to 50 feet. However, users should ideally not buy cables more than 25 feet in length, as this can lead to signal loss or degradation.

HDMI ports on computers

HDMI ports are commonly placed either on the motherboard or the video card at the back of computers. However, not all video cards and computers have HDMI sockets. Some computers may utilize VGA, DVI, or Display Port technology.

Commercial applications

Schneider Electric offers a range of high-quality HDMI sockets for commercial applications. They include the following products:

1. Ultimate Slimline HDMI Socket


  • These HDMI sockets are provided in Schneider’s Euro module range gue7020b (black) r gue7020w (white). Each module is 50x50mm.
  • Each accessory is provided with two sets of fixing screws. The first set measures M3.5 x 25mm, while the measurement of the second set is M3.5 x 30mm.
  • Front plates are not available as replacements or spares for the Ultimate Screwless Flat Plate Range. The interiors include metal-capped rockers to match the front plates, which restricts the capability to interchange interiors and plates.
  • Spare screw cap covers are available for the ultimate 62 range. Their part number is ‘ovalbutton.’
  • The suffix code for polished chrome in the Ultimate Grid range is MS Mirror Steel.

2. Ultimate LED Dimmers


  • Screwless Flat Plate

This range offers a comprehensive array of exquisitely crafted, sophisticated, and sleek fittings. Each device is packed with useful technical capabilities for effortless installation. You get more style and choice with this selection.

  • Ultra Slim Flat Plate

This range is perfect for those looking for a sophisticated style and superior engineering. The devices are simple to install and beautifully crafted to add a great finishing touch to your interiors.

  • Low Profile

This range is the perfect upgrade and improvement for white moulded, and it is an ideal application for uneven surfaces. Its uniform Ultimate styling and 5mm raised edges fully complement the flat plate and screwless ranges.

  • White Moulded

This range presents a modern and stylish alternative to conventional square edge wiring accessories. Its comprehensive offering and technical capabilities enable it to meet specification requirements.

3. Ultimate Grid

This complete system has been built specially to deliver style and beauty to commercial spaces. You can avail grid plates in 1 to 24 gang combinations and an array of metal plate finishes that include metal-clad and white moulded.


  • Minimal back-projection for retrofits and new devices
  • Fully rated 16 AX switches
  • Comprehensive range
  • Stylish designer profile


  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Offices

A word of caution

Ideally, you should consult a leading provider of electrical and digital equipment or licensed experts to obtain recommendations for suitable applications and systems for your commercial or other needs. They have extensive domain knowledge and can provide you appropriate suggestions that you can benefit from!