Best ways to travel around London while on business

Are you heading to London on business and wondering how to get around? Or perhaps you’ve recently relocated, and will be regularly travelling for meetings? Whatever the reason for your business travel, it’s important to find the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective option.

In an initiative to make central London less polluted and less congested with traffic, areas of central London will become closed to cars. The congestion charge will be increased, and the hours it will be enforced will be extended, according to a recent article in the Independent. For this reason, it’s wise to utilise London’s great public transport networks when you travel around London for business. Take a look at some of the best ways to get around the capital below.

travel around LondonCatch a tube on the underground

The London underground is one of the city’s most used public transport networks – and is a whopping 250 miles long in total. It’s an extremely quick and easy way to get from A to B, simply head to your nearest tube station, buy a ticket, hop onboard the train and you’ll arrive at your destination in no time. If you’ll be travelling by tube regularly, it may be worth getting an Oyster card. This is a contactless payment card that you can load money onto and offers significant savings when compared to buying tickets with cash.

Travel on the London buses

The London bus network is one of the most comprehensive in the world, covering most areas of the city 24 hours a day. So, whether you’re up early for a meeting, or you need to work late in the office, you can hop on a bus at a time to suit you. Bus tickets are cost-effective too, with a standard adult pay as you go fare costing £1.50, with a daily cap of £4.50. All buses in central London are cashless, so you’ll need a form of contactless payment to board, such as a bank card, Travelcard or Oyster card.

Hire a Santander Bike

Want to be environmentally friendly? Or get some exercise before and after work? Then hiring a Santander bike is a great option. There are bike docking stations dotted throughout the city, where you’ll need to enter your details and payment information into a touch screen system. Then, grab a bike, hop on and head on your way. Once you arrive at your destination, take it back to the closest docking station and carry on with your day – it’s that simple. It costs £2 for up to 30 minutes, then £2 for every 30 minutes after that.

Grab a taxi or Uber

If you need to be picked up from your hotel or serviced apartment in London and taken straight to work, it may be worth paying a little extra for a taxi or Uber. The benefit of this option is it will take you door to door with no need to get to a bus stop, tube station or cycling docking point. This makes it a handy choice if you’re extremely short on time, or don’t want to take public transport. It also means you’ll have peace and quiet to make phone calls or complete any last-minute prep before a meeting.

Which of these fantastic transport options will you choose?