Using artificial intelligence for image recognition

Do you find robots cool? Well, don’t we all, until they take over our entire race and have us enslaved. But that is not going to happen because we have the circuit board in our hands. That will happen only if we mess up. When we talk about artificial intelligence, robots are the only things that come to mind.

But you need to understand that artificial intelligence is much more than that. AI is an entire field of science with the purpose of digitizing human qualities in order to enhance the machines to work more like us to get tasks, like image recognition, done on time. Make sense? 

image recognitionWell, in simple terms, it is like giving human qualities to a machine. Not all of them, just the specific ones required to get the job done. This is exactly what we do when we tend to use AI for image and video processing. We are all aware of how AI can help analyze text, but with a bit of enhancement, it can work for image recognition as well. Wondering how? Continue reading to find out how it is used in everything from web scraping to guiding self-driven cars. 

What is image recognition?

In the context of machines and computers, the term image recognition refers to the ability of a mechanical device to interpret different characteristics in an image. In simple terms, evaluate the image similar to how our brain evaluates it. 

For instance, an image of a scenic place would just be an image for your laptop because of the JNG format type. But when the element of Ai is added to your laptop, it gets an additional brain that helps it identify objects in the image such as mountains, people, places, objects, writing etc. You can give the ability to identify specific characteristics to a machine using AI, and that is what image recognition means. 

How AI helps with image recognition?

Unlike us, machines do not have a brain of their own. Their brain isn’t a ball of neurons but a chipset that you design, which gives them the precise ability of what you want them to do. Using AI for image recognition requires you to design software trained to analyze millions of pre-labeled pictures from different angles, edges, and perspectives to identify specific components. Various algorithms are set in place to precisely do what is told!  

Common examples of image recognition

Using AI for image recognition has become more common than you think. You might not realize it, but you use the feature almost every day. For instance, when you use images to search on Google, the AI of the search engine scraps the web by identifying the objects in the photo you added by matching them with the other images with the same objects on the internet. 

Similarly, online retailers have the same feature in their apps. Social media sites use it for target marketing. Your photo library uses it for a smart photo library feature. It is also used in self-driving cars, autonomous robots and for adding meta-tags to images. In short, it is used in almost all industries today.