20+ tech startup ideas for business in 2020

When technology is improving every day, many people are looking for a niche that will bring them great income. 

You are looking for the same great tech startup idea, aren’t you?

tech startup ideasIn order for you not to spend a lot of time searching, we have analyzed the current market and are ready to tell you about the tech startup ideas that are in demand. 

Moreover, we will tell you where to start!

Why one should start a tech company startup?

2020 was a year of change as the pandemic changed our lives, forcing us to look for ways to make money from home. This trend affected most markets and the popularity of those businesses began to grow.

I’ll tell you more – it will continue to grow further! Firstly, such businesses do not require huge investments, and secondly, if you choose an idea that is potentially interesting to people, the risks will be minimal.

17 best tech startup ideas 2020

As I told you before, there are some tech business ideas that can bring you good profits in case everything is organized. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – let’s see where you can get started!

Website development

If you want to develop your own website, you may start with Wix or Shopify. Later, when your service will get attention, you will need a better system with scalability, higher security standards, complexity of features, etc. So, an experienced software development company will be your good partner. 

Delivery service

You may know that this tech startup idea definitely gained popularity during the pandemic!

And you know what?

People got used to such conveniences – they said what they needed to buy, gave their address, and that’s it!

Food tech

Nowadays, people are chasing fashion trends and healthy nutritional trends.

Mini-bakery, homemade herbal tea, cheese production, 3d sweets, dried fruits, custom-made cakes – and this is only a small part of what people will definitely be interested in. 

3D printing

Above we have already talked about 3D printing – about sweets, but the list here is much wider. 3D printing is something that didn’t exist before – all these fun toys with the faces of your friends, printed jewelry, or even clothes!

Cryptocurrency trading platform

The cryptocurrency market is a confirmation that every meaningful tech idea can bring huge profits. If you already know enough about this business, you can try to contribute there.

Just think about what you are missing in this business to find what you need to create. This is exactly what Andreas Schmidt, the creator of the Safetrading – cryptocurrency platform, did. He lacked honesty, so he decided to start checking the services like TOP Bitcoin wallets on his own.


Technology startup ideas are actively going online for many reasons. Entrepreneurs understand that such a direction of commerce provides a wide reach of the audience and, therefore, potential buyers. 

Can you imagine how big is the variety of tech ideas?

You can sell everything from handmade soap to goods from China. 

Fitness tech

How often do you see ads for apps that will control how much water you drink or how often you need to eat per day?

This is one of the modern possibilities. Let’s be honest – a lot of people are very lazy. And if you give them something that will help control their weight and shape at least a little, they will quickly buy it!

Content automation

Most companies use the content as a vehicle to promote their services. Oddly enough, there are very few applications today that can automate publishing, saving companies a huge amount of time and money.

For example, an application that publishes a specific post to all possible social networks and blogging platforms. This is a very valuable resource, but there are catastrophically few of them on the market.

Online education

I have a lot of friends who have turned their knowledge into money. Someone knows mathematics well, someone speaks a foreign language, someone understands world literature and is ready to pass on their knowledge to others.

This is the simplest tech startup idea – you just need to have a laptop, training materials, and people who will be interested in it.

Sharing economy platform

Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, etc. are the services that can help you to understand what I am talking about.

No one is stopping you from creating, for example, a platform for ads in your city or a costume rental service.

This tech startup idea has a great future.

3 tech startup ideas that would win over the market 

You already have a stock of the best tech startup ideas 2020 to start with. However, if you are ready for something really disruptive (I warn you – these ideas will require investment), then you should pay attention to the innovative startup ideas that we will talk about below.

Augmented reality

The technology of creating augmented reality (AR) in any field includes three mandatory components:

  • mobile device with a built-in video camera;
  • A specially designed application containing virtual information;
  • a label, GPS coordinates, or a marker, which will launch the mobile application.

But these three components are not always enough; various fields of application of AR technologies have their own specifics.

Such technologies can be used in: 

  • medicine;
  • education;
  • clothing advertising;
  • exhibitions or presentations, etc.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is already known to many people, but not everyone knows where it can help.

Businesses, the existence and development of which will benefit from VR innovations:

  • VR cafe
  • VR agencies
  • VR quest rooms
  • VR clinics
  • VR museums
  • VR sports, etc.

Find an industry with as few competitors as possible and start growing it, because this type of service is becoming more and more popular.

Artificial intelligence

Did you know that Facebook uses AI that opens eyes in photographs where people have closed them?

You can build an AI that will validate crypto trading signals or develop a marketing strategy based on the data you have.

In conclusion: What tech startup ideas are worth your attention

In this article, we’ve looked at many options for ideas for a technology-related business. It is impossible to say which one is better – it all depends on what you like and how much investment you have.

The only thing we can say for sure is that the future belongs to technology.

Therefore, do not waste time and do what is in demand and profitable.