Businesses most affected by COVID-19 in the UK

2020 has been one of the most trying years anyone of us throughout the world have had to face. It has brought fear, confusion, and an overall feeling of hopelessness in many ways.

The pandemic has taken physical lives, robbed us of our trust, and forced businesses of all sizes to adjust how they perform their daily tasks. Where we would like to see the coronavirus completely vanish overnight, it looks as though, at least for the time being, it is here to stay. That is unfortunate for many, but in particular businesses across the UK. Here are some of the businesses that have been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses most affected by COVID-19Airlines

Travel is a true joy. Commercial airlines take us to every country across the world in record speed. These flying busses take literally hundreds of patrons to their destinations for both leisure and business travel, but at the very onset of the pandemic, airline travel became virtually non-existent. Airlines such as British Airways and Eastern Airways had to cancel flights, to certain countries with very little notice. Pilots, flight attendants, and workers throughout the airports across the UK lost their income in almost an instant. Where airlines have begun to regain their foothold and flights are beginning to come back, the damage to the industry is certainly done and 2020 will go down as one of the worst years for airlines in modern history.

Real estate

Buying and selling homes is big business in the UK and the world over. People are no longer simply settling down and establishing one home for the rest of their lives. They are on the move and always looking for their next and often larger home in a new location. Real estate agents are some of the busiest people on the planet with an almost limitless income potential, but when the pandemic hit, the money train came to a grinding halt.

However, even this industry has begun to spring back, but in a different way. Instead of focusing on traditional real estate, home owners, especially those with multiple homes are liquidating their additional assets through resources such as Zoon Property Buyer in which sellers are given a cash offer for their property without the need for traditional real estate agents and brokers acting as the middle man.

Movie theaters

Going to the movies has almost become a thing of the past. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected many small time movie theaters, but even big companies such as Cinemark and AMC. Everyone in the film industry has been affected by the pandemic as studios have been forced to shut down or drastically limit production. Movies are not being made, therefore, movie theaters are unable to show new releases. Some movie theaters have found a little solace in showing old movies and limiting capacity of the venue, but in certain areas, public venue restrictions have not allowed movie theaters to even open their doors. Currently, there is no real end in sight to the situation, so movie theaters will likely remain closed until further notice.

Sports arenas

Like movie theaters and other public venues, sports arenas have been affected by COVID-19. Entire seasons in certain sports have been completely shut down by the pandemic and as for the venues who are hosting sports in 2020, seating and venue capacity limits are making it even more difficult to sell tickets, refreshments, and pay players under contract. Sports arenas will have their day once more, but unfortunately, for some, the damage could be permanent.


Among the public entities forced to close in many areas were gyms. Gyms are where we go to refresh and revitalize our bodies, but they can also be a hot spot for the spread of the virus. Gyms too have begun to open in limited capacity. However, patrons are slow to return as restrictions on opening can make it difficult for everyone to enjoy a quality workout once more. Mask mandates, social distancing, and shower restrictions in these areas make the gym no longer a welcoming atmosphere to many.

Restaurants and bars

Going out to a restaurant or a bar for the evening has been halted. In some of the more hard hit areas, restaurants are limited to take out and delivery only. Those that are open to in person dining must strictly guard against seating parties too close and perform extra cleaning duties throughout the day to maintain the safety of patrons. Bars that once help late night jam fests with live bands are barred from these activities and are having to limit capacity and are not yet allowed to open in certain areas of the country.

The truth is, we do not know how long this pandemic will last. However, humans are given a natural fighting spirit that can overcome much. If your place of business is among the many affected by COVID-19, do not lose hope. You may have to adjust your business to fit the times, but all is not lost. Your customers will return, and business will return to a level of normalcy once more. Just hold on and keep moving forward.