How geographically redundant solutions can help your business

Is your cloud communication system geographically redundant? A geo-redundant solution is beneficial because it provides your business with a disaster recovery plan and grants the ability to continue with calling services – even in the event of a network outage.

There are many benefits businesses can experience when they implement geographically redundant solutions, including better customer service, increased efficiency, improved communications, and more.

geographically redundant solutionsWhat is geo-redundancy?

A geo-redundant solution is a computer system that operates at two or more geographical locations in order to provide a network failover system in case that the primary system goes down. Because businesses today cannot afford down time and are expected to be available at all times, a geo-redundant solution is imperative to a successful operation. It creates a robust and reliable solution by preventing outages that can be caused by natural disasters or glitches. There is no limit to the geographical distance in geo-redundant solutions either — your data centers can be spread out across the country or can even be placed all around the globe.

Other benefits of a geo-redundant cloud communication system

Besides acting as a failover technology for your business, a geo-redundant solution offers many other benefits as well, including flexibility, increased efficiency, and more.

Flexibility and scalability

When you opt for a cloud communications solution that provides geo-redundancy, you’ll enjoy flexibility and scalability as your business grows. Cloud communication systems allow you to easily add new features and users (or remove them) in order to meet your business’s ever-changing needs. Furthermore, you can do this without needing to plan for downtime, meaning businesses can maintain and upgrade their systems without negatively affecting the user experience of these networks.

Better customer service

No business can be successful without satisfied customers. When an outage occurs with no disaster recovery plan, business stops completely. This not only loses your business money, but customers will also be unhappy and may see your business as unreliable. They then may share this negative experience with others, which will damage your brand image. Furthermore, for certain industries, an outage can do more than create a negative experience – it can be detrimental. A hospital that experiences an outage, for example, can put vulnerable lives at risk.

Improved unified communications

There are many benefits to unified communications that help build the success of your business. Geo-redundancy can enhance your unified communications network. If an employee is out of the office at one location, a geo-redundant solution gives other remote employees access into the network, where they have the ability to retrieve and use important information and assets, such as calling services. In short, geo-redundancy allows businesses to use their telecommunications systems at their full capabilities.


By avoiding outages, a geo-redundant solution can increase efficiency within your business. All information and every feature is stored in each data center, so when one system fails, the traffic of information is shifted to another geographical location. The result? No downtime or lost network connection. This translates into increased productivity, improved efficiency in operations and a decrease in loss costs for your business.

Decreased user latency

The multiple data centers in a geo-redundant system helps decrease the delay in a data transfer. This helps maintain call quality and improves the response time for the end user. Additionally, more requests can also happen simultaneously without an increase in latency.

As you can see, a geographically redundant system can provide many benefits for your business – beyond an effective disaster recovery plan. With geo-redundancy, your business will enjoy an increase in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and flexibility, while also seeing a decrease in user latency, loss costs and downtime. If your business has not yet implemented a geo-redundant system and wants to improve business success, it’s time to think about adding one to your network today.

Eric Wince is the CEO of Coeo Solutions, a leading cloud communications provider headquartered in Illinois. Thanks to his long-time history in telecom, Eric leads the Coeo Solutions team in providing scalable, flexible and customized solutions for every client.