How to make the perfect impression at your first pitch meeting

You have been prepping for your first pitch meeting, you have everything ready, and your cat (partner/dog/kids/houseplant) is done being your audience. It is ready to take your pitch to those who need to see it.

Being able to wow a small audience is one thing but hitting the nail on the head when it matters is all that counts, no matter how well you practiced your first pitch meeting in front of your mirror.

first pitch meetingHow can you make the perfect impression at your first pitch meeting?

Making the first impression is done in the first three seconds of meeting or seeing someone. Subconsciously we make our minds up about people that quickly, and anything else that happens after that could be irrelevant. You need to hit the ground running and make those first three seconds count.


Hold your head high and look people directly in the eye. Avoid a darting gaze and hold strong as you enter the room. Even if you don’t feel confident, you need to act on it and look at it to make that all-important first impression a good one. Remember, you know what you’re doing, you have this, and you are the person they will say yes to. A positive mental attitude can do wonders for your self-esteem, especially in this situation.

Be on-time

Today is not the day to let things fall by the wayside and be running late for your first pitch meeting. Arriving in a rush or slightly disheveled isn’t going to give off a great impression, no matter how amazing your pitch is. All people will remember is how tardy you appeared to be at the beginning. Arrive in plenty of time. Set yourself up and aim to be the first person in the room to greet everyone else as they arrive.

Dress to impress

What exactly does this mean? The clothing could differ depending on your clients and your meeting arrangements; however, business smart is always a good choice. Choose an outfit that screams professional and in charge of giving yourself that mental power boost. Accessorise well, keeping it understated and simple. Wearing a watch? Then you want something stylish yet impactful such as guaranteed authentic watches by Omega.

Know your audience

Don’t walk into a meeting blind. Research as much as you can on the audience for your first sales pitch so you can tailor what you need to say to them. Know your company, their company, and prepare any data you have to prove relevancy and back up your ideas.

Choose your words carefully

You want to make a positive first impression for your pitch meeting. The words you choose to use will be just as important as how you present yourself. Aim to use more positive and persuasive words to help you pitch be more agreeable and appealing to your audience.

Break the ice

Don’t be too impersonal right off the bat. Allow for small talk to breathe ice and relax into your pitch once you have everyone warmed up to you. Get a feel for the room and engage with those around you to get started at an appropriate level.

Making the best first impression for your first pitch

Remember, this is your first time. Hitting it out of the park on your pitch is the ultimate goal; however, try not to be too hard on yourself in the run up as this will show through during your pitch. Try to relax as much as possible and let your personality show through along with your enthusiasm.