Still in doubt about investing in bitcoin?

If you still have doubt that you should invest in bitcoin or not, it means that you do not have a complete understanding of bitcoin and its superiority.

Bitcoin is no longer like before it matures, it no longer behaved like stocks but now it entered the gold category it is traded like gold. There are many things that can affect bitcoin and bring doubt just as they affect gold the United States presidential elections are one of them that will be held in November.

Still in doubt about investing in bitcoin?Mike McGlone, a senior commodity strategist, said in one of his interviews that he saw nothing that could prevent bitcoin from holding its value, discussing the stock market, the gold market and digital currencies, he said. “The the main thing about it. is that I do not see what is going to prevent BTC from doing what it has been doing almost all its life and that is appreciable.”

Bitcoin has a history of adding zeros 

Unlike other assets like gold, stocks, bonds, or forex, bitcoin has a track record showing that it adds zeros in its value like $100 to $1,000 and then $10,000 and also noted that the price of bitcoin has held its value since the last couple of years. It means that it is a good store of value that looks more like gold and not risky stock assets and also has a close correlation with gold in 2020, the things and factors that increase the value of the gold they also increase the value of bitcoin. and according to the experts. It will maintain its position and will be able to surpass the gold in the next days that shows its maturity.

Bitcoin’s price sustainability, trading patterns like gold, and lower volatility attract more and more investors and increase its adoption, that is why if investors name it digital gold or flowing gold will not wrong that has touched new prospects in a macroeconomic environment that is very large debt to GDP, negative rates and easy to count are the main things that we find in gold make bitcoin very attractive to buy. Its high prices are due to high demand unlike the gold, the chances of increasing the supply of BTC are very low due to its difficult and  time and energy-consuming mining process, to know more about bitcoin deeply visit bitcoin supreme website.

Main benefits of using bitcoin

These are some of the many benefits of investing in BTC that make it better than any formal currency, such as the freedom to exchange the value of bitcoin with another without a third means, giving the merchant and user full access and control, and makes transfer fee rates lower. This keeps control of your money rather than any bank that makes it cheaper, safer, and faster to use. Bitcoin can also be used as currency so you can make the purchase online or pay your bills, it is accepted globally and its volatility is lower than any other currency that facilitates bitcoin’s transactions online and across borders.

The technology that used to break or create the bitcoin called blockchain, thousands of systems are doing this process using a cryptographic technique that makes tracking digital money really difficult, so no government or statistic can hold your money because they don’t have access to that to maintain or create a complete record of bitcoin, each transaction has to record this record is very beneficial.

Bitcoin gives wings of liberty 

It can be used around the world without making any conversion, without restrictions from banks or governments, it can be exchanged over the Internet simply using any web platform or from mobile using Ewallet, and it gives the user full access to the account and the balance. Using only one password which is called the private key, which makes it easy to use and secure at the same time

There is no way to duplicate bitcoins, so the chances of scams are very low. It also helps to track records of tax payments when a currency is transferred to someone else’s account, the ownership also changes, so the same bitcoin cannot be owned by two different people. making it a safe haven asset and safe currency and it is worth investing in it without doubt.