6 must have apps for technology entrepreneurs

Laptops and personal computers are now pretty much moving towards being obsolete, the smart phones that we have today are so powerful and provide enough utility to ditch the big machine.

The image of a businessman or entrepreneurs using a laptop has completely changed with technology to using a hand held super powerful mobile phone with the entire world in his palms.

technology entrepreneursHere I will talk about 6 applications that are a must have for technology entrepreneurs! These will not only speed up your business activities, but will also help in increasing efficiency, keep transparency for expenses and manage employees better.

6 apps for technology entrepreneurs

1. Evernote

A very simple yet very effective and useful application to make notes for your to-do list or storing important information. While Evernote might look like a simple app for jotting down important stuff, it is a super smart and has quite a lot to offer. It has a feature that lets you scan written stuff, and turn it in to text, this makes it superfast to save numbers, addresses and other such information. It can record voice notes, store images. The app is completely free and is available on both iOS and Android. And one more amazing feature that Evernote offers is that it saves your notes so in case you lose your device or want to access it on a different device you can easily sync your data.

2. Lastpass

Being an entrepreneur especially in this digital age you might have to create accounts on multiple platforms such as trading platforms, website credentials, you might as well have many employee and management applications, along with your regular Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram which many of the new age business use. With Lastpass you can store all your in one place securely and never lose them. The application is available on mobile devices as well as iOS and Android. This makes life a whole lot easier so that you can swiftly carry on with your business activities.

3. Flowdock

Flowdock is this amazing application to manage your work activities amongst your team mates, you can simply drag and drop files to share with your team, communicate with your team with its chats and inbox tools. The application works on almost every browser as well as iOS and Android. It’s very helpful as you can easily manage your work tasks on the wherever you are, this helps you increase efficiency and get urgent things done at odd hours.

4. Surfshark VPN

A VPN is one of the most important security tools that anyone and specially a business person must have. It encrypts your data, protecting it from cybercriminals so you can carry out your online activities without any fear, in fact it even changes your IP address, which will digitally change your physical location, this helps if your management application works only in one country, and so it will enable you to access it. Another benefit that comes along with this is that you can access restricted sites and if you need a little break and have exhausted your local Netflix library, you can unblock different catalogs and change your even unblock U.S Netflix from anywhere.

5. Instapaper

Where do you think entrepreneurs get their ideas from? Great businessmen such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet recommend reading daily, they themselves read unimaginable amounts of books every year! Instapaper is one such application that it filled with blogs and articles so that you can pump up your creativity and lead to industry changing ideas. Fill the garden of your mind with beautiful ideas and you never know, a simple idea can change your life.

6. Salesforce1

As most of the sales activities are online nowadays, this application is a perfect solution to track down your sales and get business analytics, it has great features to gauge the salesforce and its marketing, sales, and customer service activities all wrapped up into one epic application. The app lets you manage your business activities on the go no matter where you are, whether you are travelling outside the country or just a few blocks away from your office.