Maximum versatility, high reliability: Discover electric motors for machinery

With an emphasis on eco-friendly, clean energy, more and more industries are leaning towards the use of electric motors for machinery and beyond.

By definition, electric motors are nothing but a machine that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. To put it in simple words, an electric motor takes its power from electricity in order to perform a variety of tasks that it can do. Some examples electric motors in machinery include propelling a turbine or fan, pumping up oils, running a conveyor belt, and many more. As it doesn’t require any biofuel, it doesn’t have any negative impacts on the environment.

With more and more emphasis given on clean energy, electric motors for machinery has seen a massive rise in popularity. Inevitably, it also encouraged the manufacturers to design and produce more reliable and versatile motors like OME electric motors. Today, electric motors are so powerful and efficient that it can be suitable for almost all kinds of industries including petrochemical, cement, sugar, food processing, etc.

The incredible versatility of electric motors also makes them the best option to be integrated as part of the industrial machinery. Below, we discuss the various characteristics and applications in detail.

The use of electric motors in machinery

In our day to day life, we use many different electronics. What we often don’t realize is that many of these electronics use an internal motor to perform what they are supposed to do. Some examples may include the likes of a fan, blower, air conditioner, etc. The same applies to many tools, equipment, and machinery used by different industrial plants.

However, as industries offer completely different challenges in terms of workload, efficiency, and environment; the electric motors used for industrial machinery require to be a lot more powerful and reliable. They must withstand the rigorous of high energy intensity on a consistent basis, while also remaining safe and protected in the dusty environments.

Thanks to the innovation efforts led by the likes of OME electric motors, you can now find a great range of motors for any specific use in produced machinery. The great range of applications includes the machinery used to process paper, glass, iron, wood, plastic, marble, light alloys, and so on. Despite having a relatively more intense demand, these powerful electric motors can also be used in sugar refineries. Any other food processing and beverage industries can also benefit from the use of electric motors in different steps of their production process such as cutting, chopping, blending, packaging, etc.

The benefits for machinery

As we have discussed already, electric motors produce clean energy – helping your business to meet the environmental regulations. They are also more efficient and durable, lasting for a long time without costing too much in maintenance. Designed to withstands dust and fumes, they are perfect to improve your work environment too; thanks to their little to no noise and smoke.