How to establish an appliance repair company: Best tips 

Think you’ve got the drive, the passion, and the know-how to start an appliance repair company? Appliance maintenance and repair are a popular industry and a great way to make money if you have a technical work flair. Our tips run you through the best ways to make your repair business a success.

If you’re a whizz with gadgets and can have an ailing appliance fixed in no time, then starting an appliance repair company is a great way to utilize your skills. Home appliance repair can also be a hugely profitable industry for skilled workers as there is a high demand for specialized services. Before you begin, however, you’ll need to think through your business plan and consider the best ways to market yourself and the best tools to own to be successful. Here are our top tips for getting started! How to establish an appliance repair company

How to start an appliance repair company

As when starting any business, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate skills and paperwork to get you started. If you’re confident in your ability to mend common household gadgets, you should begin by looking into any regional licenses or certificates you need to operate as a business. You should also make sure you have money set aside for marketing and for purchasing basic diagnostic tools and parts for common repairs. Once you’ve checked these two boxes, you’re ready to get going with the next steps of your plan. 

Tips to establish an appliance repair company

Appliance repair is a growing and competitive industry. Many people will now pay to have appliances mended rather than buying new ones, as this can save them money overall. To get your company off the ground, you need to make sure you stand out and that people are aware of your brand. The best way to do this is: 

1. Build marketing into your business plan

As with any business; it’s important to market your brand to build a potential client base. Set money aside for business cards, logo design, signage on your work vehicle, and website building. Use social media to spread the word and try to target a specific demographic rather than a broad audience. For example, if you live in a busy city center, specifically offering commercial appliance repair to nearby businesses could be a great way to start. 

2. Invest in equipment

Make sure you have the tools you need to undertake general appliance repairs before you start. Although some jobs will require specialized parts or equipment, there are certain common appliance repair parts that you should always have on hand. This will save you time and mean that you can perform standard home repairs the same day, rather than sending off for parts. Having a van or a car with space in the back is also crucial for transporting tools and driving between jobs.

3. Create a workspace

While you can probably perform most jobs on-site, running your own company requires office space. You’ll need to stay organized so you can book in clients, take calls, respond to emails, and manage paperwork. A home office, or rented space elsewhere, is perfect for this. You should try and build in a workshop area too with plenty of room so that you can take in appliances that can’t be repaired on-site.

Get to grips with smart technology

Household smart technology is undoubtedly a burgeoning industry and something that is only going to get more prevalent in the future. Having a niche is a sure-fire way to increase your business’s marketing potential and target a clear demographic. Therefore, if you have smart tech skills, this is definitely something you should make use of. Offering affordable appliance repair for smart technology can help you stand out from more general home appliance repair companies.

1. Offer a service warranty

Customers want to know that they’re paying for reliable appliance repair, especially when you’re a small start-up or a new company. Many larger appliance brands offer warranties on their products, and you will need to compete with these services to get business. Providing customers with a repair warranty is a great way to establish trust and show that you take customer satisfaction seriously. 

2. Take out insurance

Accidents happen, and insurance is important for any business that requires manual work, even if you specialize in small appliance repair. If you are lifting or moving larger appliances, you could be at risk of injury or accidentally damaging items. You should build insurance coverage into your business plan and budget. Home appliance repair jobs can also put you at risk of electrical, chemical, or mechanical accidents. Make sure you are covered for both personal and professional damages before you start taking clients. 


Although it is a competitive market, appliance repair is a viable industry for anyone with the right skills. Keep in mind that you won’t just be repairing gadgets, however, and that running any business requires dedication, promotional skills, and organization. We hope our article has helped you consider all the aspects of running an appliance repair company.

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