How salons can continue to thrive during the pandemic

It’s safe to say that the beauty industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With the sector deemed as non-essential, businesses had to close for months on end, with no certainty that they’d ever return the same.

But, among all the negativity and struggles, there is hope. We’ve pulled together some ways that salons can still thrive in the pandemic, regardless of whether we’re in a national lockdown or not.

salons during pandemicInvest in marketing

Now is the perfect time to put your marketing head on. Many salons admit to struggling with marketing their business while they’re busy, especially during the festive period, let alone a pandemic. This downtime is ideal for shifting your focus to the backend of your company.

Social media for example, is a great tool to keep your customers informed of what’s happening, book future appointments and potentially attract new clients for when you re-open. It’s also a great tool to remind people not to cut or dye their own hair at home!

Re-book cancelled appointments

Use this time to call or email your customers who may have had to cancel theirs and get them booked back in. Although there’s a lot of uncertainty around whether the country will reopen fully on the proposed date, it gives your clients something to look forward to! Getting people booked back in will also allow you to complete revenue forecast projections and plan staff rotas.

Remain as flexible as possible

Flexibility is key. Why not alter your business model slightly during the lockdown period. You could sell old stock on your website or through your social media platforms – who doesn’t love to have salon equipment of their own at home! We’re not talking about selling your chairs and furniture, but perhaps your shampoos, electronics and so on. You could even create bundles of items that your customers can call up and collect from your establishment too. The possibilities are endless.

Offer pre-paid vouchers

Offering vouchers that people can buy for when you re-open is a great way to ensure money is still coming into the bank. Your clients can buy them for themselves or even for their friends and family as Christmas presents. Encourage people to give the gift of great hair this festive season!

Explore potential business opportunities

There are a number of other business opportunities that you could explore too. On top of selling your excess stock online, you could also run virtual lessons that maybe require a small fee to join. Give your clients a tutorial of how to create the perfect blow dry, or even teach them some new techniques on how they can style their hair for an important work zoom call. It’s giving your customers a little something back and a reason for them to remember you while you’re closed.