The little things you can do to improve customer retention for your online business

For any online business, finding and getting each and every new customer is a top priority. However, while a certain appeal comes from acquiring new customers, keeping your existing ones coming back is more profitable in the long run.

Most online business owners forget that as soon as a new customer buys their products or services for the first time, they need to do more in the customer relationship. Making the first purchase is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your customer. What matters the most is ensuring that the customer keeps coming back to your business. Here are the little yet powerful things to do to improve customer retention.

customer retention for your online businessOffer an onboarding program

An onboarding program teaches your new customers how to use your services and products. The process helps them save time on learning by themselves. A company representative personalizes the training for all your customers as per their needs.

It is a great tactic to attract new customers and retain them as many people don’t want to get frustrated trying out a product for the first time if they don’t understand how it works. An onboarding program helps businesses prevent agitation with new customers as they cannot afford to waste their time trying to master your product. It ensures that they know how to use your products or services so that they can focus on meeting their goals on time. These customers will even refer their friends to your business due to the excellent customer service.

Offer surprises with your online business customer service

Your customers will love getting surprises, especially on their special days like birthdays. When dealing with customers, think of something valuable, you can offer them as a surprise. What makes surprises great is that they are unplanned and sudden. The best part is that your surprise packages don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just need to be creative with your rewards. A simple “thank you” note or a birthday message could go a long way. If you are feeling more generous, you could offer them gift vouchers or discounts. These simple gestures show your customers how much they are valued, and you will win their loyalty.

Create a loyalty program

Another great way to improve customer retention is through a customer loyalty program. Such a program rewards your customers by motivating them to come back and do business with you. Once they opt in to the program, you should make them feel special by giving them irresistible offers. These could include exclusive deals, or a peek of what new products you are about to launch.

Giving them such a royal treatment will make your customers feel special and valued, making this an excellent customer retention strategy. The best part about loyalty programs is that they help you increase your ROI too. Since high spenders get better perks, customers will always spend more to get better rewards. This means more profits for your business. It’s a win-win for both parties involved.

Pay attention to customer complaints

If you intend to retain customers, you need to ensure their satisfaction. Your customers will not come back if they aren’t happy with your services. Therefore, you should consider every complaint as a mini customer satisfaction survey. Use these complaints to improve your services, and consequently, your customer retention rates.

Always make sure that you don’t get the same complaint twice. Ensure that you take care of it soonest to ensure that your customer needs are satisfied, and they will come back a second time.

Always provide fast payouts

If you run an online business that gives customers payouts, you should ensure that they can access their money within the shortest time possible. One such business is online casinos. With such, players want to be able to withdraw their winnings as soon as possible. Keeping them waiting for days will only make them agitated and lose trust in your business.

Some online casinos withhold their customers’ payouts, which is bad for business as players avoid such websites like the plague. If you want to retain your customers and get a good reputation, you should follow in the footsteps of same-day withdrawal online casinos. These understand the importance of offering their customers fast payouts as a retention strategy.


Getting new customers is great but retaining them is even better. It helps grow your online business by getting a good customer base through referrals and testimonials from happy clients. Applying the above strategies will help you improve your customer retention rate.