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The ultimate guide to advent calendars for adults 2020

We all know 2020 has been tough. Every business in the world has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, for good and for bad. There may be a ray of hope in the distance as we approach Christmas, but then we were hit with another lockdown.

Morale might be low. Business is stuttering to the end of 2020. There is a way to boost your business on the lead up to Christmas. Of course, it is advent calendars for adults to pull you towards Christmas 2020 one door at a time!

This is the third advent calendars for adults guide we have done, and 2020 is when employees need it the most.

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Editor’s choice


Virgin Wines advent calendar

Virgin Wines are back with a bang for Christmas 2020. The makers of the original Wine Advent Calendar to hit the UK market have released their new 2020 edition which is now available in mixed, all-white and all-red versions.

Sporting a brand new geometric design, the 2020 Wine Advent Calendar also includes for the first time a bonus 25th door including a full-size bottle of award-winning wine. The only adult alcohol advent calendar currently on the market to offer this to consumers.

What we think

Once again, Virgin Wines sets the trend for the advent calendars for adults in 2020. Sitting down with a glass of good wine at the end of a long day is what it means to be an adult. Virgin Wines give this to us with their sell out calendar. This year they have gone the extra mile with a surprise full bottle on the big day. Available as white, red or mixed, the wine lover in you can not resist!

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That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar

It’s that time of year again when That Boutique-y Gin Company and Drinks By The Dram join festive forces to bring you 24 drams of delicious-y gin discovery. Now to make that transition from chocolate a tad easier we’ve included a few of our faves, including our festive chocolate orange gin. And to truly entice you, we’ve also added a dram of our award-winning Moonshot Gin, with botanicals that have been to the stratosphere and back! Is it good? Of course not. It’s out of this world!

What we think

Gin is still going strong, so it it is pretty safe bet that someone in the office is a gin fan. Explore the unexplored with That Boutique-y Gin Company. You are almost certain to find a new favourite, and maybe your new gin to avoid for the rest of your life. But the positives always outweigh the negatives in this eclectic box of gin. It is one of the special advent calendars for adults that any gin lover cannot miss in 2020.

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beer52 advent calendars adults 2020Beer52 have launched their Advent Calendar for 2020 featuring 24 beers from around the world. That’s 16 styles from 14 different countries. Each advent calendar will include a special limited edition tasting glass. Beer52 are feeling especially festive this year so are sending out scratchcards in every case that gives the chance to win free cases, money off their online shop AND the chance of a year of free beer.

All this for just £59.99

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The Mikkeller Christmas calendar

It’s our favourite time of the year for beer… that’s right, Christmas!!! And you know what that means? The infamous Mikkeller Christmas Calendar is BACK in town and bigger and better than ever! We’ve gathered some of our best friends and have packed an incredible lineup featuring some incredible brews from Mikkeller San Diego, exclusive stuff brewed only for this box by Warpigs & amazing stuff from Mikkeller Baghaven!

Treat a loved one, share it with friends, or go it alone and get psyched with 24 great beers for 24 days straight of festive drinking with some of our favourites as well as a stack of new and exciting brews.

With an individual retail price of 1400+kr (about £160) the Mikkeller advent calendar is 1000kr (about £115).

What we think

Mikkeller has gone all in with their beer advent calendar for 2020. The Danish brewery has a wide range of amazing beers, but has expanded their calendar this year by going international. What do we really want from a beer calendar? We want it in a box that we can move around and have some delicious beers, with that Mikkeller has delivered.

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Beer Hawk

This is the UK’s most popular Craft Beer Advent Calendar with good reason, and this year is better than ever! The Advent Calendar is packed with 24 amazing beers, brewed exclusively for us, from 14 countries across this big old globe of ours.

It’s full of huge names like Mikkeller, Omnipollo, Thornbridge, Camden, Lervig and loads more. Even better is every single beer is a different style, so you get to enjoy 24 new and exciting days of beery greatness!

What we think

Once again, Beer Hawk have put together a creative and fun beer advent calendar. Beer Hawk always try to think of new ways to present what essentially is a box of delicious beers. This time they have given us a tower of beer that takes us around the world with their beer and the box it comes in. You will almost certainly find a new favourite and have people scrambling to try all these unique beers.

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An exciting, festive extravaganza is here! Beerwulf’s Beer Advent Calendar is available to buy now and is the best way to count down the holiday. For every day leading up to Christmas there is a new window hiding one of 24 distinctive beers from 24 world class brewers.

We don’t want to give everything away but a teeny, tiny, little teaser to get you excited can’t hurt. Your favourite UK brewers, BrewDog and Beavertown are joined by big names from Belgium, The Netherlands, The US and more. What makes this such a must-have is that it has a wide range of styles too – IPA, lager and weizen, to name just a few. And even better, it’s delivered for free!

This year, the Beer Advent Calendar is super exclusive, with limited stock available. Not everyone will be lucky to get their hands on one, so if you want a piece of the pie, make sure to get it quick!

What we think

Out of all the adults advent calendars in 2020 Beerwulf have considered that Christmas will not be the same as before. Their calendar comes in the familiar box but with added extra content to go live throughout December. Daily fun activities allowing you to connect with other beer fans in the Beerwulf community as well as enjoying their amazing range of beers!

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The Dry Drinker

The Dry Drinker experienced unprecedented demand in the run up to Christmas last year and was increasingly asked by customers to produce an advent calendar

While the Dry Drinker site has experienced high cyclical demand in the past, owner Stuart Elkington feels like he is at the coal face of what appears to be the most significant mega- trend to hit the drinks world since, well, craft gin?

Low and no (as it’s affectionately being called) alcohol alternatives now make up 1.3% of the total beverage alcohol market in the UK. And while, in some segments of the market, this is driven by short periods of abstinence (Dry January/Stoptober), millennials are consistently seeking greater choice in the low alcohol space and, increasingly, the health conscious older generations are also getting in on the act.

Dry Drinker’s advent calendar will consist of 12 bottles and 12 cans of surprise beers all especially chosen for their quality and great flavour. A Dry Drinker glass will be hidden in there too for the customer to enjoy their 24 beers.

What we think

It is amazing to think how far low alcohol beer has come. Gone are the days when to sip on a low alcohol beer brought disgust to the person drinking it. Now it is difficult to tell much of a difference, other than the inebriation that comes with a few too many. With events like dry January and Stoptober low alcohol drinks are more widely found, and if you want to continue it year around there is finally some advent calendars for you in 2020. The Dry Drinker is a calendar for conscientious employers, who know that at a time of year when over drinking is accepted realise that a dry employee is a productive employee.

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Sweet things


chococo advent calendars adults 2020Chococo led the way back in 2005 in offering an advent selection box filled with proper chocolates for grown-ups, and its Classic Advent Selection box has become an annual best seller and part of the ritual of the annual Christmas build-up for many Chococo customers. Delivered from late November, you will enjoy freshly handcrafted, delicious and award-winning flavours each day from 1st December to Christmas Day.

They now offer two variants each containing 25 chocolates in a stylish box design, with a frosted, numbered sleeve and menu, so that the chocolates can be tasted in date order, and all plastic-free packaging. 

What we think

Chococo is the pioneer of advent calendars for adults, and not much has changed in 2020. Offering a decedent selection of 25 award winning chocolates, Chococo share their best selection in this box. As earlier stated, not much has changed from last year, but why change perfection. Is opening a door every day childish? As adults we can resist demolishing the whole box in 10 mins after it comes through the door, right? Exert restraint with this advent calendar and prove that you are now an adult, with a very grown up self control and one choc a day.

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Naked Marshmallow

naked marshmallow advent calendars adults 2020The world’s first Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar returns for its fourth year – this year featuring twelve classic, festive and sweet inspired flavours.

Behind each door, a delicious piece of handmade gourmet marshmallow in a selection of sumptuous flavours can be found, along with either a festive joke, fun fact or exclusive online discount code to be redeemed on our website.

That’s 25 deliciously gooey pieces of heaven to savour this Christmas and a great motivator for getting out of bed on those cold winter mornings.

What we think

Sink down into the pillowy marshmallow found in the Naked Marshmallow Gourmet advent calendar. Full of a variety of different flavours found in these advent calendars, even though it is 2020 and as adults we have seen many things throughout our lives you open a door that says that this marshmallow will taste like ‘smores and it is hard to believe. It has not been toasted over a fire, or sandwiched between two biscuits, but you bite into the soft goodness and it all makes sense. The slight smokiness, the almost biscuity coating just evokes ‘smores. That is just day one of 25 delicious days of marshmallow.

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Mummy Meagz

With 24 windows to open, the countdown to Christmas has never been more exciting for vegans and non-vegans alike, as they can now enjoy the highest quality smoove moove chocolate as they look forward to the big day.

The new Smoove Moove blend combines smooth dairy-free mylk chocolate with deliciously creamy dark chocolate for an irresistible combination that melts in the mouth.

The bespoke packaging, designed by Dan Cook of Plant Based Cards, is adorned with a jolly snowman standing alongside a snow-topped stripy hut, in keeping with Mummy Meagz’ unique and fun striped packaging. On top of the hut sits a little robin – which appeared as Willow and Meagan Boyle, founders of the brand, sat in their garden during lockdown designing the range. This little fellow is sure to catch eyes in shops and homes around the country.

What we think

Not being one to gravitate towards the vegan lifestyle this was a tough one. But as soon as you open day one and taste the ‘chocolate’ you know that you are in for 23 more delicious days ahead. Mummy Meagz has done an amazing job in 2020 of putting together advent calendars that are good Christmassy fun for adults and children alike.

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The Niederegger Christmas carousel, takes you on a journey from Santa’s grotto, through Christmas Markets, to the city of Lubeck and onto Santa’s sleigh, ready to deliver gifts.

This advent calendar is filled with an assortment of dark and milk chocolate pralines, croquant with milk chocolate, flambeed marzipan and marzipan.

Niederegger marzipan is made from 100% finest marzipan paste, made using traditional roasting cauldrons with production supervised by a master confectioner.

What we think

The Niederegger Christmas carousel is a smartly designed advent calendar which would appeal to the child in all of us. The marzipan goodness is behind a door opened every day to give a sweet treat to someone who deserves it.

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Love Cocoa

love cocoa advent calendars adults 2020Love Cocoa, the ethical, luxury British chocolate brand created by James Cadbury, is launching its first-ever advent calendar: an indulgent, grown-up chocolate affair for the committed chocoholics amongst us. And if that wasn’t reason enough to ruffle your truffles, the eco-savvy brand has committed to planting three trees for every calendar sold as part of its ‘Plant A Tree’ project.

Remaining true to the brand’s British roots, the beautifully illustrated A3 calendar showcases quintessentially British icons through the ages, ice skating on the Thames. Think William Shakespeare, the Queen, James Bond, The Spice Girls and Mo Farah, to name just a few, with Father Christmas parachuting in to join the festivities. And the calendar not only looks good, it’s completely plastic free and 100% recyclable.

What we think

The name of Cadbury evokes a deep seated love in British people. In recent years the brand has lost something, the well publicised purchase of the company has led to a loss of reputation and quality. James Cadbury is attempting to boost his family name with his company Love Cocoa, and he absolutely achieves that with this advent calendar. As the first of, I am sure, many advent calendars Love Cocoa have decided to offset the environmental aspects of creating these calendars in 2020 by planting three trees per calendar sold, something we should be thinking as responsible adults. This is before even getting to the amazing chocolate that appears in the calendar.

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Personalised Retro Sweets

The ideal treat for someone who loves sweeties from the good ol’ days, this Personalised Retro Sweet Advent Calendar makes the countdown to Christmas even sweeter!

Filled with delicious sweets from yesteryear, such as Love Hearts, Refreshers, Black Jacks, Drumstick lollies and much more, they’re sure to be transported back in time with this advent calendar with a twist.

With 24 doors to open and a special surprise for the recipient – their name printed onto the calendar, underneath the words, ‘Merry Christmas’ – it’s the perfect festive gift for kids and big-kid adults alike!

Let this Retro calendar make this festive season the sweetest yet!

What we think

When talking about advent calendars for adults in 2020 there is nothing wrong with taking a trip back in time! Get your very own personalised retro calendar packed full of sweeties that you could only get from the pick and mix or penny sweets. Brightly coloured sweets are sure to shoot you back to when you were a child and give you a flash of nostalgia when you open each door.

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sockshop advent calendars adults 2020SOCKSHOP are excited to announce the launch of their 2020 Christmas Advent Calendars, in partnership with UK homelessness charity, Emmaus.

Launching in November​, ​15% of each sale of the ​25 DAYS OF SOCKS​ calendars will be donated to Emmaus UK. The calendars are available in ladies’ and men’s sizes and include a pair of fun and festive socks for every day of December in the run up to Christmas Day!

Commenting on the initiative,​ Alok Ruia, Director of SOCKSHOP,​ says: “In times of great uncertainty, we all look for things that make us feel safe and grounded. The SOCKSHOP Advent calendar will bring Christmas cheer, warmth and happy feet within our homes. We are delighted to be teaming up with Emmaus UK for a second year so that we can donate some much-needed funds to one of the UK’s most admirable charities for homeless people.”

What we think

Christmas and socks go hand in hand. Don’t know what to get someone? How about a pair of socks? Perfect! Sockshop have taken this to the next level and have created this advent calendar. You look at the price and think, there must be a catch here. 25 pairs of high quality socks for £59.99? But yes, that is right, this is one of the only of all these advent calendars for adults that you are likely to use again and again until the end of 2020 and well beyond.

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Personalised Spotify Christmas songs

Count down to Santa Claus coming to town with this Personalised Spotify Advent Calendar!

This awesome advent calendar is the perfect treat if you love rocking along to the best festive tunes, or give as a gift to your music-loving friends and family! Each door reveals a new Christmas track, creating the perfect playlist for Christmas Day. The carefully selected tracks have been chosen based on the most popular Christmas hits of all time, so they’re guaranteed to get even the Scroogiest of Scrooges into the festive spirit!

Simply hold your phone or tablet up to the calendar to hear the Christmas hit for that day. After that track, the rest of the album continues to play. Ensure you blast it out and sing at the top of your voice. Who cares if you wake the family up? It’s Chriiissstmmaaasss!

Choose any name to be printed on the advent calendar.

What we think

Packed full of Christmas classics, sing your way to Christmas day with the most popular Christmas songs of all time! Pick the name of the person in question and you calendar will be on it’s way to you before you know it. The office will be a much more festive place with Christmas tunes ringing out, or even start your video calls with a festive song to get the meeting going.

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Draper Tools

draper tools advent calendars adults 2020Have you or your loved ones got into DIY this year? Love it or loathe it, many of us have had the extra time at home to tackle a bit of DIY this year, leading to a need for new tools. In fact, a quarter of the UK adults say tools and DIY supplies are likely to be on their Christmas list this year. New for 2020, Draper Tools brings you the ultimate Christmas countdown with its brand new advent calendar, featuring 49 specially selected tools hidden behind its doors. Open each door to build your very own tool kit in time for the big day.

This limited edition calendar is the perfect pre-Christmas gift for the tool lover in your life. It’s the sort of set that could be handy for anyone around the house, garage or even at work – and it’s sure to come in useful for all those little unexpected jobs in life.

The calendar includes a measuring tape, adjustable wrench, a selection of pliers, hexagon keys and a ¼” hex magnetic screwdriver with 31 different insert bits – all contained in a sturdy case to keep everything safe and organised.

What we think

Possibly the most useful of all the advent calendars for adults for 2020. Crack open each door with the knowledge that you are soon to be kitted out with some brand new Draper tools. With the first door being a handy box to fit them all in this is the perfect calendar for that undertooled office. You are sure to find a time in the next year when it will save the day, and you will be blessing your lucky stars that you invested in the perfect advent calendar.

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Advent of Change

advent of changeThe first-of-its-kind advent calendar which donates to a different charity every day is returning for 2020, launching a collection of exciting new calendars and a countdown candle which provides a charitable donation for each day of the festive countdown.

The feel-good festive range has been revealed with John Lewis by the celebrity-endorsed social enterprise, Advent of Change, which pioneered the UK’s first charity advent calendar where, instead of receiving something each day, you give something: 24 donations, to 24 incredible charities.

Behind the door of each calendar is a donation to a charity doing incredible work both in the UK and overseas. Each day, you discover exactly what you’ve given, from helping to provide safe housing for a homeless person, to providing a dream day out for a sick child, or helping to support the UK’s frontline workers.

The latest addition to the non-profit collection is an innovative Advent Candle which donates over 75 per cent of proceeds to 24 charities throughout the festive countdown. The natural wax burns down to reveal the number each day, and comes with an accompanying booklet to discover exactly what your donation has meant for the charity.

What we think

What can be more like Christmas than donating some money to people who need it the most? The Advent of Change calendar looks fantastic and it gives you the extra peace to mind to know that the proceeds will be going to 24 different charities. Being an adult means being responsible, so in 2020 after such a horrible year for everyone it is easy to forget that there are people that are still in worse shape than you. Buy one for everyone in your team to make them feel appreciated and doing some good at the same time. The added bonus of plastic free, compostable, recyclable packaging just cements the sentiment of this beautiful calendar.

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Advent Candle

advent candle advent calendars adults 2020Countdown to Christmas with our advent calendar candle!

Perfect for grownups, this stylish candle is the perfect way to count down the days of December. Simply light the candle for 1 hour each day and cross off the number on the label whilst the beautiful festive scent of Orange and Cinnamon will fill your home. With a 25 hour burn time, this candle will last until Christmas day.

The 180ml jar candle is presented in an apothecary style jar with lid and filled with a natural soy wax. Hand poured in our Manchester workshop, the candles are personalised to order before being beautifully packaged by hand. 25 hour burn time.

You can also upgrade your order to include a 50g bath salt infusion, a 100% natural product filled with dead sea salts and scented with English rose and white geranium which is a wonderfully, feminine scent. The upgrade also includes a beautiful white gift box with the Kindred Fires logo added in gold foil and a box lined with tissue and filled with natural shredded kraft.

What we think

Nothing says Christmas than a candle. A candle that counts down to Christmas with the delightful scent of orange and cinnamon which fills the room before you light the candle, is Christmas. Personalised by Kindred Fires by hand just adds to the beauty of this candle and the atmosphere in any year. The perfect gift for your employees to make them feel appreciated this Christmas.

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Liverpool FC musical calendar

This uniquely designed bi-fold advent calendar has a different LFC item and trivia question behind each door which helps you build the scene over December. If you land on a day where you receive a magnetic based LFC Player behind the door (Virgil Van Dijk, Jordan Henderson and Mohamed Salah), you can watch them glide and interact with one another on the magnetic, moving football pitch base, to the anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

The way this product has been designed means the calendar folds in half for easy storage, placing the magnetic “football pitch” on the bottom half of the calendar and the opening gift doors on the top, upright half.

Batteries are supplied with the calendar (3 x AAA batteries) which are needed to power the magnetic movement and music. They are replaceable at the back of the calendar; ensuring that this calendar is built to last.

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CWE Personalised Photo Advent Calendar

This Christmas, create an advent calendar that will give you a reason to smile every day throughout December as you get to look back at the memories that mean the most. Behind each door you can share your favourite photos and create a calendar that is totally personal to you allowing you to countdown to Christmas in a unique and heart-warming way.

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Food & Drink

Snaffling Pig

The countdown’s started and while despite the 2020 rollercoaster, there’s one thing you piggin’ legends can rely on this year: Snaffling Pig’s festive-making, joy-bringing Pork Crackling Advent Calendars. Britain’s favourite maker of innovative and awesome flavoured, double-cooked pork crackling products has the delicious crisp and crunchy snackage (yes, that is a word), to get this holiday season off to a cracking start – for you or a fellow savoury-loving loved one, you generous swine.

And because you’ve got such excellent taste, The Snaffling Pig re-commissioned the ultra-talented Scottish-born illustrator Allan Deas once more. This time we’re celebrating the joy – and completely unstressful – festive Christmas dinner (think togetherness, laughter, feasting, maybe some drinking. It’s an A3 box of happiness, for you to enjoy 24 days of the finest in pork crackling this festive season. Buy from, RRP £17.50.

What we think

Snaffling Pig have become a standard for festive snack advent calendars for adults, they have continued this into 2020. After the year we have had we need some kind of stress relief, there is nothing better than crunching down on a perfectly cooked and flavoured pork scratching. A uniquely designed box featuring small bags to goodness to brighten your daily toil on the way to Christmas.

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The Cheese

cheese advent calendars adults 2020The original (and best) Cheese Advent Calendar from So Wrong It’s Nom is set to hit stores in November for the fourth year running, and it’s GRATER and smaller than ever before, with five delicious new cheeses and reduced plastic packaging!

In response to feedback from cheese lovers on the 2019 design, So Wrong It’s Nom’s ‘Big Cheese’ Annem Hobson has produced a more compact calendar for 2020, with 81% less plastic but no less cheese.

The Calendar contains 24 individually wrapped portions of delicious cheese, encased in a fully recyclable, fridge-door-friendly cardboard calendar.

The Cheese Calendar has proven to be a must have for the holiday season. Since its debut Christmas launch in 2017, over 700,000 Cheese Advent Calendars have been sold in 14 countries in addition to making Amazon’s top 10 best selling Christmas gifts in 2019.

What we think

The Cheese advent calendar has changed a lot since last year. The bifold design has been scrapped but they have redesigned it to be a lot more compact and sit beautifully in your fridge door. With five new cheeses you get a much greater variety, so if there is a cheese that is not necessarily your favourite you do not come across it very often. The Cheese is operating at a niche that is rapidly expanding, now available in 14 countries and was on Amazon’s top 10 best selling Christmas gifts in 2019 there is no denying how great a small piece of cheese every day in December makes a great festive season.

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Joe & Seph’s Popcorn

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge and this year, the family behind Joe & Seph’s: Joseph, Jackie, Paul and Adam Sopher, have created their essential Christmas list of decadent treats. Kick-starting the countdown to Christmas is the return of Joe & Seph’s much-awaited, larger than ever (a whopping 175g of popcorn!), Classic Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar. Opening up like a giant storybook, it depicts a snowy scene of Joe’s Popcorn Kitchens crafting festive gifts, with each stage of the special, handmade process beautifully illustrated. This year’s calendar features 19 unique flavours behind the 24 windows; from the most popular gourmet flavours, award-winners, festive favourites and several marvellous exclusives including Brandy Butter, Apple & Custard and Gingerbread popcorn, as well as an extra large, special treat behind Door 24!

What we think

Joe & Seph’s have done it again with their gourmet popcorn advent calendar. Incredibly they have managed to get 19 different flavours behind the 24 doors. They have mixed in festive flavours and popular flavours to bring you towards Christmas of a popcorn bed of heaven. Popping open each door comes with a new surprise and it is impossible to be without popcorn this festive season. It will have you searching out your favourites on their website in no time at all.

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Developed to help you stay Nourished this festive season, we’ve carefully chosen a selection of Life Stacks to be taken each day in the lead up to Christmas, to help support your health during the holidays. To give you a bit of background of Nourished, we are tech start-up who have developed the world’s first truly personalised vitamin using patented 3D printing technology and a unique vegan encapsulation formula.

Customers can complete a short lifestyle questionnaire where we will make a recommendation of 7 high impact vitamins, nutrients and super-foods to suit their lifestyle and goals, or select their own preferences from our lab or Life Stack range. At Nourished we are passionate about health and sustainability, so each stack is 3D printed with premium, sugar free and vegan ingredients and each order is delivered in 100% plastic free packaging.

Our unique advent calendars will include a 4 week combination of Life Stack blends to help you feel your best this Christmas, as well as a personalised gift voucher on Christmas Day to help you kickstart your New Year.

What we think

On Christmas day no one would blame anyone for overindulgence. It is part of the day. Even though most of the other advent calendars for adults on our list for 2020 give opportunities to continue this throughout December, Nourished gives us another option. Nourished is a 4 week vitamin supplement advent calendar that gives your body all the tools it needs to have a great Christmas and a strong start to the new year. This is a great calendar to get your employees, as a healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. If you can get your workers Nourished, they will thank you for it!

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Popcorn Shed

Free From VEGAN Mini Pop! Popcorn

Let’s countdown to Christmas low calorie style, which means saving all that space for heaps of Christmas pudding on Christmas day! POP-POP-Hooray! Let those mini popcorn kernels melt on your tongue like snowflakes.

A premium advent calendar targeted to the vegan and ‘free from’ (allergy free) market. All flavours are allergen free (dairy & gluten free), suitable for vegans and low calorie

24 bags of popcorn inside. 6 popular and delicious flavours.

  • Sea Salted – Seasoned with a sprinkle of the perfect amount of sea salt
  • Sweet & Salty – The perfect balance of Sweet and Salty
  • Salt & Vinegar – A British classic flavour. Zingy, light and wonderfully tasty.
  • White Truffle Luxury and fragrant lightly salted Truffle Popcorn. A unique flavour for all the senses (Great Taste Award Winner 2019).
  • Toffee – The first Vegan Toffee Popcorn in the UK. Deliciously sweet with a butterscotch flavour.
  • Smoky Maple – a subtle Smokey flavour and a sweet maple taste
What we think

Popcorn Shed have given us two different advent calendars in 2020, one for vegan adults and one for not. They have brought together some unique flavours that you would not consider right for popcorn, but they just work! This is the ideal option for people who want a unique take on popcorn, but not over indulge as the festive season tends to encourage. Pop open the first door and get going!

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Beanies Coffee

With 24 windows to open, you’ll find different stick sachet combinations behind AND 2 mystery flavour jars!

Beanies Advent Calendar contains:

  • 44 Beanies stick sachets (two per day, assorted flavours)
  • 2 jars of Beanies Christmas flavour coffee (assorted flavour)
  • Sugar free
  • 2 calories per cup
  • Gluten, wheat and dairy free
  • Nut free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
What we think

At first it is a bit confusing to look at on paper. Instant coffee? In an advent calendar? Why not stick to fresh? Then you pour in the water and you are hit with the delicious smell of coffee and the flavour of the day. We won’t spoil the surprise, but with two sachets per day and two jars you will know your favourite before long!

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lush advent calendars adults 2020The perfect countdown to Christmas. 12 days of bath, shower, and body products, including Celebrate body milk – a 2020 Christmas gift exclusive.

Contents: Yog Nog Shower Gel, Celebrate Body Milk (Gift Exclusive), Golden Pear Soap, Kinky Boots Bubble Bar, Butterbear Bath Bomb, Winter Garden Bath Bomb, Candy Cane Reusable Bubble, Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar, Roasting Chestnuts Shower Gel, Jingle Bells Bath Bomb, Orange Shower Scrub, Once Upon A time Body Lotion.

What we think

The thing about Lush is that as soon as you go anywhere near their stores you can immediately tell you are near a Lush store. The amazing scent that hits you is a mix of wonder. The same thing happens when the Lush advent calendar arrives. You are hit by the smell of incredible bath, shower and body products that is hard to deny. It will draw you towards Christmas and unwind the whole year so by 2021 you will be ready to take on the new year. Advent calendars for adults can not be complete in 2020 without Lush.

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The Body Shop

This is the ultimate beauty calendar. It’s stuffed with 25 new and most-loved surprises from The Body Shop, including the skin-tingling Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask and skin-smoothing Drops of Youth™ Concentrate.

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Friends Bath Fizzer

friends advent calendars adults 2020Could we BE any more excited with this official Warner Bros Friends Advent Calendar? The countdown to Christmas has gone Friends style with this retro 12 days Advent calendar, with its iconic yellow detachable frame & jam packed with bath fizzers & Friends quotes (what more could you ask for) every day is a different fizzer to surprise you & get you Phoebe relaxed for the Christmas madness!

What we think

It has been 16 years since Friends was on the air, but we still cannot get enough of, possibly, the biggest sitcom ever to appear on TV. So, why not sit in a hot bath and let our eyes digest a few of our favourite episodes with the bath fizzer advent calendar. Featuring some of the most recognisable props from the show from Mad Beauty, you cannot go wrong.

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