Top tips on monetising your blog

Blogging is a wonderful way of talking about and sharing your thoughts and opinions on the topics you’re passionate about, and some people are happy with just doing that. However, you may have had your blog for some time and noticed that you have a lot of engagement and subscribers to your blog, and you may be thinking about monetising it.

Whether you’re choosing a new career in writing and blogging, or you fancy the extra income from your blog on the side, here are some amazing tips on monetising your blog.

monetising your blogHave a clear price list

Whether you’re going to be selling your writing skills, providing advertising space, or accepting pre-written content to display on your blog with a do-follow link, you’ll need to work out how much you’re going to charge for each of your services. While you may still have people email you to enquire about these services, not having a price list on your blog could lose you many potential clients. Do some research on how much you can charge on your blog in relation to your domain authority and your social media following. The higher your domain authority and followers, the more you can charge. Not only that, higher stats will increase the likelihood of bigger brands wanting to work with you.

Upgrade your hosting 

Monetising your blog means that you’ll want as much traffic as possible. After all, more traffic means more chances of selling your services! A basic plan is likely to cause your blog to become slow or even stop working when a spike of traffic hits, so you may want to look at WHM Hosting Platform plans and upgrade your service so you can handle large amounts of traffic. Having a blog that runs smoothly and quickly will also increase the chances of people sticking around to read more, therefore improving other statistics such as your bounce rate.

Shout about it on social media

So you’ve decided to monetise your blog? Great! The only problem you’ll face now is letting people know that you’ve begun selling your services. Create engaging posts for social media detailing what you’re offering and how your services will benefit them. It’ll help drive traffic to your blog and also increase the chances of landing sales.

Work on building up your mailing list

Having a mailing list is super important for bloggers, because it’s one of the easiest ways of letting people know you have new content for them to read. Once a piece of content or news has been published, you can send out a mailer to your subscribers and drive that all-important traffic to your blog. Create a newsletter about the services you’re selling! Remember to make it eye catching and engaging for maximum effect, as you only have seconds to capture someone’s interest in an emailer!

Monetising your blog can be a great way of earning a pretty penny or two. With these tips, you’ll soon notice positive effects and begin making money from your blog!