Who are the top 5 PR agencies in London?

If you’re looking to grow your business and strengthen your brand reputation, good PR is often necessary and of course finding the right PR agency is imperative.

PR agencies have the skills and contacts to help you reach your target audience, improve customer perception of your brand and help you break into new markets.

PR agencies in LondonThings that just aren’t possible without the help of skilled PR agencies.

If you want to know more about how a PR agency can help you specifically, here are 5 of the top PR agencies in London:

Hope & Glory

Hope & Glory is a London-based PR agency and they’ve been in business for around 8 years. They’ve built up an impressive portfolio of clients during this time, as well as amassing a number of prestigious industry awards for their work.

You can see some of their best work displayed on their website. Some of their notable clients include Ikea, Adidas, Airbnb, and American Express to mention just a few.

Something that jumps out about Hope & Glory when browsing their site is how personable they are as a team and a brand.

On their site, you can find pictures of all their team members along with a short bio. A great way to start a relationship with a company you’re going to trust your PR efforts with.


42Bruton is a London-based PR agency specialising in PR for SMEs and startups.

They deliver a clean-cut approach to PR. Combining explosive launch coverage, consistent national exposure, and coverage that converts, three pillars of any successful PR campaign.

42Bruton has worked with brands like WeSwap, Fairwill, Paws, and FairMoney. A diverse range of industries, showing the power of effective PR and tackling each client’s individuals needs brings results.

They have relationships with many of the large press outlets, like the BBC, Daily Mirror, and Bloomberg. If you’re looking for national exposure, 42Bruton has the contacts and skills to cut through the noise.

Harvard Public Relations

Harvard Public Relations is an award-winning communications agency. They specialise in bridging the gap between technology and people for brands big and small, and have the mission statement; “We make technology personal”.

If you want more insight into how Harvard goes about their PR, they share some case studies on their site.

They’ve worked with tech brands like Stuart, Ricoh, Linn, and Plexal. Tackling the unique and complex requirements of each of these tech companies’ PR needs in innovative ways that made a difference.

As the first specialist technology agency in the UK, if you’re in the tech industry there is no PR agency with more experience in this field.


With locations in Paris, London, and Berlin, Ballou is an award-winning international communications agency with a footing in different cultures and countries across the EU.

They advertise their services as, “Creative, bold, and measurable PR for the technology industry.” Splitting their services across PR, social media, content creation, search engine optimization, and brand identity; Ballou has team members specialising in all areas of modern PR.

They say all their team members are passionate about tech, communication, and storytelling. If you’re looking to grow your brand awareness in the tech industry, Ballou might be the agency for you.


Hustle is an international agency with strategic locations in London, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

They’re partners with some of the world’s largest brands spanning various industries, including Blizzard Entertainment, Nike, Twitter, Verizon, and 20th Century Fox.

Hustle says they’ve “humbly won 139 awards over the past three years”. There’s nothing to be humble about winning that many awards in such a short time span.

They’re experts in creating narratives and executing PR campaigns that create conversations. Whatever industry you’re in, Hustle has the experience and knowledge to formulate a PR strategy that’ll work for you.