Top tips for choosing the best live blackjack casino apps

While slots continue to dominate the iGaming market in the UK (they now account for more than two-thirds of the sector’s GGY), table games remain the second best performing vehicle. 

More specifically, table games account for approximately 15.8% of the online casino GGY overall, with virtual blackjack and similar entities now available in real-time through live casino apps.

blackjack casino appsYou can check out this guide to learn more about live blackjack casino apps, but in this post, we’ll offer some tips on how to select the best platform on the market.

1. Don’t ignore the welcome offer

Let’s start with the basics; as all online casinos look to incentivise new players with a generous welcome offer in the digital age.

However, this trend has created a significant challenge for online gamblers, who are now exposed to a diverse range of welcome offers that can be deployed across a range of verticals and genres.

Now, these offers tend to take the form of deposit matches of between 50% and 200%, which are available up to a predetermined value depending on the generosity of the site. Similarly, most brands look to incentivise players with free spins on specific games, with this leg of the offer typically bound by maximum winning caps and uniform wagering requirements.

However, some operators may also be inclined to incentive live casino gameplay, and while these are typically smaller than traditional bonus offers, they still offer deposit match offers that can be deployed on games such as real-time blackjack.

The key is to review the marketplace and compare the available welcome offers in detail, prioritising the casinos and apps that provide the most generous and relevant benefits.

Of course, most standard casino offers can also be used on live casino games, although you’ll need to review the wagering and game weighting requirements. After all, some live games may not contribute the specified wagering requirements, and you’ll need to consider this before you make a final decision.

2. Consider the games’ library

Historically, live casino apps and mobile platforms would run on completely different software to desktop alternatives. However, most platforms are now powered by HTML5 language, which makes games more widely available regardless of your chosen device.

So, you should be able to identify live blackjack casino apps that boast a large and diverse range of games, but you should always check to see if any of your favourite desktop titles aren’t available on your mobile device.

The next step is to review the total number of titles available, in line with your favourite titles, risk profile and the betting strategy that you’re looking to deploy (which should in itself be based on your existing bankroll).

Remember, there are plenty of blackjack iterations now available to players, but not all of these will suit your outlook as a player.

Also, give attention to the number of blackjack tables on offer, as this will also vary from one operator or another. Betway has around 34 diverse tables available through its app, for example, whereas BetVictor operates slightly fewer with just 27.

By reviewing the available sites based on these criteria, you can hopefully make an informed selection that really helps you to get the most from the experience.

3. Native vs. web apps and payment options

While many casinos now operate native apps (which are widely considered to benefit from superior design, security and accessibility), some continue to offer live blackjack experiences through a responsive mobile site.

In the current market, both of these options offer broadly the same level of value, with mobile sites now increasingly intuitive and capable of being accessed seamlessly either in portrait or landscape mode.

However, native apps continue to hold the edge in terms of the overall experience on offer, while they also tend to be considerably more reliable and less likely to experience significant lag or gameplay interruption.

With this in mind, we’d recommend that you prioritise casinos that operate a native app where possible, unless you find a mobile site that has everything that you’re looking for and a competitive bonus offer.

Regardless of your selection, you should base your choice partially on the available range of payment options. This has become increasingly diverse in the iGaming market of late, despite the decision to ban credit cards (which was rolled out on April 14th this year).

Some live blackjack casinos even facilitate cryptocurrency payments in the modern age, with tokens such as bitcoin particularly popular as they offer superior value, guaranteed anonymity and are virtually unhackable.

The key is to appraise your options based on the listed payment methods, while also ensuring that the site doesn’t apply fees to certain transactions (such as withdrawals) or that some options aren’t eligible to receive the welcome offer.